NG Small Town
Corruption -0; Crime -1; Economy +1; Law +1; Lore +0; Society +0
Qualities Insular, Intolerant (sexist), Strategic Location
Danger +0

Government Autocracy
Population: 418
Notable NPCs J’kal (chieftain)
Mvembi (juju mistress)
Makacoicoi (sage)
Takara (captain)

Base Value 1100 gp; Purchase Limit 5000 gp; Spellcasting 3rd
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items -

Tanaroa is one of the Olman Seven and an ally of Farshore. As the most militarily powerful Olman village, Tanaroa contributes a large share of warriors to the defense of The Wall, and enjoys some diplomatic influence with the other Seven: the diplomatic decisions of Tanaroa have been somewhat of a bellweather for those of the Seven as a whole, though this may change in the future as the arrival of new foreign interests to the Isle, each competing to add the Olman to their various spheres of influence, introduces a new source of division to counteract the Seven’s old unity.

Tanaroa’s warrior tradition is unique among the Olman in that it is entirely female-dominated, with Tanaroan males largely limited to nonmilitary and subservient roles. Power is passed down along matriarchal bloodlines in Tanaroa. They respect strong women and scoff at any group led by a man, or worse, composed entirely of men. By far the fiercest warriors of the Olman, the Tanaroans make formidable allies. They have their own troubles however, as their proximity to the Great Wall and the terrors beyond does not allow them to spare warriors to aid in colonial defense. The Tanaroans offer supplies, weapons, and advice on strategy, but not military aid. The first Olman to craft and use kaua’koi, the Tanaroans greatly respect anyone displaying proficiency with this extremely difficult weapon.


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