Rowyn Kellani

Rowyn Kellani was a member of House Kellani – the daughter of Heldrath Kellani and Marshal Kellani. She was the sister of Aliza Kellani and half-sister of Marlise Kellani and Melkior Kellani.

In life she was a beautiful human woman with long red hair tied back in a ponytail, with eyes that sparkled like chips of green jade, and an unsettling grace. On one shoulder she had a tattoo of a lotus, while on the other was an intricate dragon tattoo, its tail coiling down her arm.

Rowyn was the leader of the Lotus Dragons, and following the dismantling of that organization by Heinrick Kilanthreil and his companions was ruined (though she succeeded in slaying Artrarien Galanodel before being forced to flee). She subsequently stowed away on the Sea Wyvern and attempted to murder its passengers and crew, succeeding in killing several individuals. After several poisonings and other acts of sabotage she was eventually ferreted out and murdered by Heinrick Gilantheril.

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Rowyn Kellani

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