Lotus Dragons

The Lotus Dragons were a Cutthroats affiliate led by Rowyn Kellani, a beautiful, dangerous and ambitious noblewoman who hoped to seize control of Sasserine’s harbor and sea trade through acts of terror and mayhem. Her guild was heavily funded by her family, and near the end, through funds stolen by Vanthus Vanderboren from his family vault.

All Lotus Dragon members bore a tattoo on the shoulder of a dragon wrapped around a lotus flower. Their guildhall was an extensive underground complex in Sunrise District under a plaza known as Dead Dog Alley.

The Lotus Dragons were excellently organized compared to most Cutthroats affiliates. They chiefly involved themselves in exotic animal smuggling and poisons, but in later months, were expanding to terrorism, drug trade and assassination. They had numerous contacts, including deep sea villains such as the ixitxachitls.

The Lotus Dragons were directly responsible for the deaths of Keltar Islaran, Artrarien Galanodel and Rhia. Heinrick Gilantheril and Gorgash Stormbear were the only ones to emerge alive from the conflict that brought down the guild.

Lotus Dragons

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