House Kellani

House Kellani is one of the high noble houses of Sasserine. It recently benefited from the untimely death of Keltar Islaran, the patriarch of House Islaran, using its presence within the Azure District and the close alliance between Melkior Kellani and Sea Lord Milton Drac to seize stewardship of the district from the decaying Islarans.

House Kellani is led by Marshal Kellani and Heldrath Kellani. Heldrath’s marriage to Marshal tied House Maeorgan to the fortunes of the Kellanis as well, making a powerful alliance.

House Kellani makes its fortune from owning and investing in shipyards across the Jeklea Bay region. Less flattering rumors paint their fortunes as gained via the piracy of ships across the bay. While Heldrath claims any ill gained goods came at the expense of Sasserine’s foes, not all agree with that declaration. However, such tales are quiet when they arise, lest the tellers disappear like most of the House’s detractors have.

House Kellani also invests heavily in dance, mercenary troops and fishing.

House Kellani

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