NG Small Town
Corruption +0; Crime -1; Economy +5; Law +2; Lore -1; Society +5
Qualities Insular, Prosperous
Danger +0

Government Council/Autocracy
Population: 240
Militia: 33
Notable NPCs
Lady Lavinia Vanderboren (duelist)
Lord Manthalay Meravanchi (judge)
Captain Ulvar Kabbanja (fighter)
Father Vesserin Catherly (cleric)
Goodwoman Telda Syren (gleaner)
Professor Hevrik Aldwattle (alchemist/wizard)

Base Value 1500 gp; Purchase Limit 9000 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items -

Farshore was established as a permanent base from which to explore the Isle of Dread and export its resources to Sasserine. The colonists chose a small harbor dubbed Verik’s Cove on the western face of Temute as the colony site, since two natural seawalls would provide shelter from storms and attack from sea. A five-member Expedition Council meets weekly to direct colony affairs, but as Farshore has grown, the need for a leader has grown as well.

The colony is still a work in progress, but is built to last. Approximately sixty buildings nestle within the palisade, built primarily from local materials with considerable additional labor supplied in barter by the local natives. The structures are wooden, as stone is difficult to quarry and reserved for the colony’s rain water collection wells. The buildings are mostly single-story structures composed of tightly spaced horizontal logs cut from the surrounding jungle. The exteriors are covered in reddish-hued adobe consisting of clay, water, and dried vegetation to give the buildings a smooth surface that keeps them cool during the day and warm at night. The roofs are covered in a darker red tile that is fired within town.

Farshore was originally designed as a trading post. Several short wooden piers of various heights and lengths jut out into Verik’s Cove from the Farshore waterfront, and long warehouses near the docks are used for storage. Stone jetties extending from the cliffs flanking the cove provide protection against storms and erosion.

Fifty-three families live in Farshore, the majority of which are former residents of Sasserine who have cast their lot with the colony. A handful of Olman natives have taken up semi-permanent residence in Farshore as well, but most of them are transient day laborer s and traders who live in the seven surrounding villages. The colony economy is primarily sustained through trade with the Seven Villages, and food and clothing are provided for locally. Fishing is a daily activity, and hunting is plentiful on Temute and the surrounding islands. The natives trade pearls and precious coral with Farshore for manufactured goods. Rare woods, plants, and spices are collected from within the jungle and stored in the warehouses for eventual shipment back north. Overall, the settlement has very good prospects if it can establish a trade route with Sasserine.

Marches (30 ft. movement)
Mora to Burowao – 15 miles 5 hours
Mora to Panitube – 20 miles 6 hours
Mora to Tanaroa – 35 miles 11 hours
Tanaroa to Fogmire 30 miles 13 hours
Tanaroa to Yohu Ayan – 30 miles 13 hours
Tanaroa to Tar Pits – 40 miles 18 hours
Tanaroa to Fangs – 50 miles 23 hours
Tanaroa to Lizardfolk Lair – 60 miles 27 hours
Tanaroa to Temple of Jaguar – 75 miles 34 hours
Tanaroa to Pal-u-don – 100 miles 46 hours
Fangs to Blackfen – 40 miles 53 hours
Fangs to Zantar’s country – 25 miles 33 hours
Opar to Ember Lake – 25 miles 17 hours
Opar to Valley of Madness – 30 miles 20 hours

Boats (Rowboat/Sailing Ship)
Farshore to Mora – 25 miles 17/12 hours
Farshore to Panitube – 20 miles 13/10 hours
Farshore to Kirakuka – 40 miles 27/20 hrs
Farshore to Usi – 40 miles 27/20 hrs
Farshore to Dawa – 50 miles 33/25 hrs
Farshore to Burowao – 70 miles 46/35 hrs
Farshore to Tanaroa – 80 miles 52/40 hrs
Farshore to Zantar’s country – 140 miles 92/70 hrs
Farshore to Fireshriek – 100 miles 65/50 hrs

Flights (Overland Flight, 60 ft/120 ft. dragon flight)
Farshore to Fangs 95 miles 12 hrs 16/8
Farshore to Fireshriek 85 miles 11 hrs 14/7
Fireshriek to Blisterhill 25 miles 3 hrs 4/2
Fireshriek to Emerald Isle 55 miles 7 hrs 9/4.5
Fireshriek to Zantar’s country – 30 miles 4 hrs 5/2.5
Emerald Isle to Scorpion Isle 25 miles 3 hrs 4/2
Emerald Isle to Griff Isle 20 miles 2:30 hrs 3:20/1:40
Emerald Isle to Skinrazor 65 miles 8 hrs 11/5.5

Farshore to Opar 1 hour (meeting ~30 minutes)


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