Bullywugs are described as humanoids with the head of frogs. They are usually shorter than a human, with leathery skin and webbed digits. They are very good jumpers, and can jump roughly 30 feet forward and 15 feet vertically. Bullywugs speak their own language of croaks, staccato notes, and clicks, called Bullywi, and the intelligent ones can pick up more. A bullywug can survive on land and in water; it is amphibious. A bullywug must immerse itself in water once per day or suffer dehydration.

Bullywugs live in primitive groups, hunting and fishing together. The hierarchy is based on strength, with the strongest being the leaders. Bullywugs are very territorial, and mostly will attack anyone who trespasses. Oddly enough, they tend not to fight within the tribe, but rival bullywug tribes will fight with each other. Bullywugs rarely work alongside other creatures since they would rather use them for food or sacrifice. However, occasionally during hard times small groups of bullywugs will latch onto a powerful ally that can help them bring down tougher game.

Bullywugs live in semi-organized communities that are often slightly mobile. They respect no one but those stronger than they are. Bullywug colonies disrupt the natural environment of any land. They will eat off the land until their immense gullets are filled and then they move on.

Bullywugs are known to revere a pair of mated gods named Gogunta and Tsathogua, but the deities seem to be more concerned with sleeping and mating than with the welfare of the race. Ancient, crumbling statues of their gods can be found in the deepest jungles, great monuments near ruined temples that hint at what was once a mighty power in some long forgotten time. The great old temples also indicate a time when Bullywugs were less primitive and more organized, capable of building huge monuments of stone.


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