Bone Lord Malagon

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The Bone Lord is an undead pirate of great power that roams the waters. Long ago, during The Sea Wyvern’s Wake he traded a favor to Katrina Islaran in exchange for the badly wounded Lars Helvur.

The Bone Lord reappeared when Katrina was trapped in Hell, called forth to protect her when Vuall, Duke of Pleasure, attempted to do her harm. It was revealed that Malagon is an undead pit fiend and a Duke of Hell, with most of his crew comprised of undead devils as well. He revealed that he now regarded Katrina as in his debt, having also secretly aided in her rescue from The Void.

Malagon suggested that Lux Seoni’s soul rested in Hell, and that he knew of of the recent change of power in the Witchwardens that placed Bianka Altanish in command.

Bone Lord Malagon

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