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Arien was an elven wizard, Witchwarden, and former member of the Elven Rangers who adventured for a time with Heinrick Gilantheril. He was the sole member of the party that recovered the cloak Fiend’s Embrace who advocated that it should not be turned over to Arakk Beedle, and he subsequently informed the Witchwardens of both the location of the cloak and of Beedle’s deteriorating mental state (they agreed to place him under observation).

He was present at Kraken’s Cove and helped save Lavinia Vanderboren from the bullywug attack on her home. He subsequently joined in the journey to the Isle of Dread but did not survive to see the Isle. He was killed by a ghostly basilisk while exploring Tamoachan after his petrified form was shattered during a small earthquake. His head was the only piece of him recovered, but it was subsequently lost to the ocean’s depths during The Storm when Maribesana was forced to abandon it to save Lirith Veldirose.

Arien entered into a brief sexual relationship (simultaneously) with Liamae Teslikaria and Zanalandra Oldavin during the Sea Wyvern’s Wake. He was known to have feelings in some measure for Mari.

His death was reported to the Witchwardens by Katrina. At the time of his death he held the rank of White Dagger. He was apprenticed to Master of Elements Red Dagger Thomas Kenzil. At the time of his death he was capable of working spells of the 3rd circle.


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