The Dented Helm

The one thing the Azure aren’t short of is watering holes. To a casual drinker, one might pass by the Dented Helm without thinking twice, but for those with a taste for good brew, there’s no finer pub in the whole city. It’s not for the ambiance—there’s none of that mind you—but rather for the beer.

The Dented Helm doesn’t have a fantastic tale or strange legend about it. Instead, it just opened for business one day. Garek, a fighter and master brewer, came to Freeport for no reason he’ll speak of, walked around a bit in the Docks, and picked an old warehouse to set up shop. Some even say he closed his eyes, spun in a circle, and chose the building he saw when he opened his eyes again. In any event, he strolled up to the building, kicked open the door, and started setting the place aright for his new pub. Naturally, the owner was not impressed and threatened to call the Guard. With a grunt, Garek tossed him a fat nugget of gold and told him to sod off.

Since the building is a warehouse, the Dented Helm isn’t much to look at. The only way a person could tell it’s a tavern and brewery is by the yeasty smell coming from inside and by the dented helm nailed to the front door. The interior is just as bland as the exterior, featuring a few tables, a bar, and rows of hardwood casks.

When Garek first opened up for business, he ran the place alone. In the years since, he’s hired a few dwarves to help out with the brewing, give him time to barter for hardwood to make new casks, and attend to running the place.

Dwarven ale – 6 cp
Dwarven jack – 12 cp
Dwarven mead – 7 cp
Dwarven rumboozle – 2 sp
Dwarven stout – 6 cp
Dwarven whiskey – 2 gp

Bread – 2 cp
Dwarven tack – 2 gp

The Dented Helm

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