The Continents of Terra

Fireland – Far to the East it is known as the Dragon Lands in Scarn and is the ancient seat of governance for dragons in Terra; when the Dragonmeet is called, it is here that they gather. Their great queen recently died and many dragons are still in mourning.

Oerik – This is the largest continent on Terra; though many scholars include the Flanaess in its mass, this document will separate them for ease of reference.

Hyperboria – Also known as Hyboria, Telchuria or High Boros in Oerth; this continent spans the north pole and is also called The Crown of the World in Golarion.

Polaria – Spanning the southern pole, this continent is not truly a land-mass. Frozen by the near absolute zero temperatures at the southern pole, it is a collection of icebergs; most of which have torn themselves apart creating millions of floating islets.

The Flanaess – The eastern edge of the continent of Oerik is known as The Flanaess. Here you can find The Free City of Greyhawk; one of the largest cities on Terra.

Antaria – Locked deep in the Tempest Ocean, Antaria is a mysterious land. Unchartable and unreachable, this cartographer only ventures a guess as to its true location and geography. It is rumored that immortal survivors of the Azlanti empire live here and some Oerthian scholars still refer to the land as Aquaria (as ancient scholars referred to the Azlanti lands).

Hepmonoland – Some scholars contest that this is not a true continent, but in recent centuries continental drift has separated it more and more from the main landmass of Oerik and so this cartographer will label it as such.

The Crown of the World – So called in Golarian, this continent spans the northern pole to meet with the Oerthian land of Hyperboria.

Avistan – The northernmost continent of the Golarion region; Absalom, the City at the Center of the World, can be found here and is another contestant for largest city on Terra.

Garund – Like its Oerthian sister Hepmonoland, Garund is a land of deep jungle terrors.

Casmaron – This is a desert land.

Sarusan – Another unchartable land; the calm seas around this island make it almost impossible to reach. It is a land known of more in legend than fact and is said to contain dinosaurs and other lost creatures. In Scarn they refer to Sarusan as Fenrilik.

Tian-Xia – Asian

Arcadia – The Maesir of the Northlands call this ancient place Valhala, those in Scarn refer to it as Asherak. Whatever it is called, this is a land of unspoiled beauty still mostly unspoiled by mortal hands.

Ghelspad – An ancient land filled with terrors; the Titan’s Rule was harsh here and the land still bares deep scars.

Termana – The Largest continent of Scarn. In Oerth, this continent is referred to as Gonduria.

The Oceans of Terra

Agitoric Ocean – Known truly as the Agitoric Ocean, this body of water is more commonly called the Eternal Waves by those in Scarn and the Oceanum Titanicum by those in Oerth.

Tempest Ocean – One of the most violent bodies of water on Terra, the Tempest Ocean is constantly beset by storms due to the frigid temperatures in Polaria meeting the more tropical northern temperatures. It is in part due to the barrier of the Tempest Ocean that Antaria remains so well hidden from the rest of Terra.

Drawmidj Ocean – Called by some a Sea, this ocean is often split and diced so finely by icebergs that it is difficult to tell. Some say in ages past, the whole of this ocean was frozen over and one could walk across the ice from Avistan to the Flanaess.

Solnar Ocean – This ocean splits the Oerth regions from those of Golarion. It runs from the northern edge of the Sea of Sharks to the southern tip of Garund.

Obari Ocean – Between Gharund and Casmaron is the Obari Ocean which extends down to Sarusan.

Embaral Ocean – Separating Casmaron from Tian-Xia is the Embaral Ocean; this wide and rough sea does much to ensure the main route to Tian-Xia from the Golarian mainland is by land.

Okaiyo Ocean – This southern ocean is contains many dreaded waters; navigating through the Forbidden Seas is ill-advised.

Arcadian Ocean – One of the widest oceans (after the Agitoric) in Terra, this vast body of water seperates The Crown of the World and Tian-Xia from Arcadia.


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