“Scuttlecove. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Be cautious.” -Strongheart, Legendary Paladin-

CE Large City
Corruption +9; Crime +11; Economy +2; Law -12; Lore +3; Society -3
Qualities Notorious (x2), Prosperous, Rumormongering Citizens, Strategic Location
Danger +50

Government Anarchy
Population: 16,450
Notable NPCs The [[Holy Triad[[
The Admiral of the Crimson Fleet
Kedward Bone

Base Value 32,000 gp; Purchase Limit 150,000 gp; Spellcasting 7th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4

The vile city of Scuttlecove is the home of murderers, thieves, demon worshipers, peddlers of vice, and monsters. Here, anyone can find a place to hide, provided they can survive the terrors and dangers that infest the city streets.

Sekorvia is a stinking, steaming scar of an island, the largest in the chain known as the Pirate Isles. With a skyline ruled by volcanoes and lowlands stained with festering salt marshes and dripping jungles, Sekorvia was a deadly place even before three vile and cannibalistic blasphemers seeking a refuge to pursue their studies in peace arrived. They founded a city on the southern shore of the isle, and it wasn’t long before Scuttlecove grew fat and turgid. After all, even pirates need a place to rest, relax, and spend their loot. The founders of Scuttlecove called themselves the Holy Triad, an ironic title as these blasphemers were ur-priests, divine spellcasters who stole power from the gods. The Holy Triad cultists knew that they needed a society to support their research and decadence. In only a few years, they built Scuttlecove up from nothing into a thriving, if lawless and dangerous, city. Served by a savage order of cannibalistic monks, the ur-priests used Scuttlecove to finance their debaucheries and sadistic whims.

Scuttlecove is legendary among pirates as a place where any desire can be bought, any urge fulfilled, and any whim acted upon without fear of repercussion apart from the immediate. In other words, “If it feels good, do it!” Drug dealers. slave traders, and other terrible merchants flocked to the city to make their fortunes or they died trying. Roving bands of homeless pirates, uninspired thugs and even the odd assassin found the place a perfect home: its
distance from the mainland kept it free from the meddling influence of the more civilized nations, and under the semi-watchful eyes of the Holy Triad.

Started as – and continuing to be – a pirate’s paradise of the sort that would grind more virtuous or delicate men to dust, Scuttlecove exists as a tumor upon the easternmost shores of the area of the Vohoun Ocean known as the “Pirate Isles”. More than just being the location of the base of the Crimson Fleet, Scuttlecove is home to a gaggle of horrors and monsters unfit for habitation outside of perhaps the Hells, and many of them are not mortal. Scuttlecove is a wicked man’s playground, a moveable feast of delights that always come at the expense of another. Brave men fear to tread here, and more than one good man has been turned bad to make it on the streets of Scuttlecove.

Physically, Scuttlecove is a diseased, filthy pit of salty depression. The streets are often muddy and choked with garbage or the odd corpse yet to be claimed by a Dire Hunger monk. The buildings are almost all one-story wooden affairs, with rickety walls, sagging roofs of tarred straw or cracked wood shingles, and doorways consisting of strips of dried seaweed or cheap burlap. Those few buildings that can be construed as permanent are always the homes of powerful individuals.


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