Otto's Blades and Baldrics

“You want a magic sword? Here, try this one. It’s sharp, it’s heavy, and if you know what you’re doing you can destroy someone’s world with it. That’s all the magic I’m trusting you with.”Otto Parsam

Any pirate, soldier, adventurer, thug or thief who’s plied her trade for a while knows the value of weaponry and armor. Some put up with whatever tools they can find (or steal), but others have more refined (or desperate) tastes and look for unusual, finely crafted, or even magical weapons and protection. Finding high-quality arms and armor can be a difficult and expensive proposition, but Otto’s Blades & Baldrics, a store located in one of the roughest sections of Shadowshore, is a beacon to weapon collectors and professional killers alike.

Otto Parsam has done it all—he’s been a freebooter, a mercenary, an adventurer, an explorer, a privateer, and a hero. But those were his wild years, and when middle age came calling, Otto knew he had to settle down. Still, a life of excitement is hard to turn away from, so he came to Freeport about ten years ago and set up shop in Shadowshore —because while he could have established his store anywhere in the city, he wanted to stay close to the action. And after a decade of selling weapons and armor—the things he knows best in this world—to priests and pirates alike, Otto maintains he wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Otto’s Blades & Baldrics provides a wide array of weapons, armor, shields, tools, and other life-saving devices. The primary focus is on weaponry, from the traditional (cutlasses, axes, and crossbows) to the unusual (pistols, whips, and exotic weapons from obscure countries on the Continent), along with ammunition, cleaning equipment, and other accessories. While Otto may be able to find any kind of weapon given time, it’s easier (and cheaper) to lay your hands on something simple like a sword or longbow. The store isn’t as well stocked with armor, but shoppers can usually lay their hands on items like leather, light chainmail, or wooden shields (and most pirates don’t want anything heavier). Hard-to-find and expensive items such as magic swords, elven chainmail, and amulets of protection blessed by the gods depend on whether Otto likes you. Such items are not just rare but dangerous, and he doesn’t traffic in them lightly or casually display them. If Otto does have such an item in stock, buyers need to prove they’re legitimate and make an appointment in advance to view the item—and haggling isn’t on the agenda.

The store receives new stock on a semi-regular basis. Otto does some second-hand trading but won’t buy items if they’re damaged or poorly maintained (if they’re stolen, he makes up his mind on a case-by-case basis). His contacts on the Continent send him new stock every month or so, primarily common weapons. He can request special or rare items from them, but the turnaround time tends to be weeks or months. The store’s other main source of stock is the Sasserine Auction House; Otto always attends the monthly auctions, bidding on both mundane and exotic weapons, armor, and magical items.

Otto’s Blades and Baldrics is one of the few brick-and-stone buildings in Shadowshore, and a marked contrast to the decaying wooden tenements around it. The two-story building is surrounded by wide alleyways on all sides—too wide for a thief to easily cross without being seen. The single door is metal and securely locked, while the windows on both levels are small and protected with iron bars.

The shop is a single, thirty-foot-square room; in one corner is a small counter where Otto sits most of the time. Weapons and armor hang from the ceiling and are arranged according to size. Otto can use a stepladder to allow a closer look at the items or lower them using a series of pulleys and chains set into the ceiling. Sundry tools and equipment are kept behind the counter in drawers or on the back wall. Otto lives in an apartment above the shop, which is positively opulent by Shadowshore standards; this is also where he keeps the most valuable items under lock and key. His reputation is such that even the greenest local thieves give his place a wide berth.

Simple & Martial weapons – 75% of normal price (common, 95%)
Exotic weapons – 110% of normal price (frequent, 75%)
Firearms – 150% of normal price (rare, 25%)

Light armor – 75% of normal price (common, 95%)
Medium armor – normal price (frequent, 75%)
Heavy armor – 150% of normal price (rare, 25%)

Masterwork – normal price, -10% frequency

+1 magical weapon – 110% price, -20% frequency
+2 magical weapon – 110% price, -25% frequency

+1 magical armor – 120% price, -20% frequency
+2 magical armor – 120% price, -20% frequency

+3 composite shortbow – 20,000 gp
lesser mace of smiting – 16,500 gp
+2 blade of binding – 21,000 gp
+4 battleaxe – 35,200 gp
+4 longsword – 35,200 gp
+5 anchoring harpoon of speed – 220,000 gp

+1 creeping studded leather of shadow – 11,800 gp
+4 dastard breastplate – 30,000 gp
morlock hide (specific magic armor) – 10,700 gp

Otto's Blades and Baldrics

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