Olman Affiliation


The blood-spattered talon of a large dinosaur

Background, Goals, and Dreams

The Olman tribes are beset from within and without by grave dangers. They have contended with the fierce denizens of the Isle of Dread for ages, but now they also face increasing assaults on their safety and cultural integrity from foreigners. The Olman place the survival of their people and culture as their top priority in the face of outside aggression, strange increased volcanic activity on the isle, and the resurgence of several of the island’s most lethal inhabitants. Beyone survival, the Olman seek to preserve their cultural traditions against the corruption of visiting peoples. They exist in a precarious balance and must choose their level of involvement with the foreigners wisely. Many Olman favor isolationism and ignore most foreigners, while other believe the only way to weather the coming conflicts is through careful alliances. Some Olman hold eagerly to the belief of restoring their civilization to its former glory.

Enemies and Allies

The tribes do not oppose all foreigners, only those who seek to abuse their hospitality and destroy their way of life. They happily ally themselves with anyone who seeks to defeat the dark forces growing in power beyond the Great Wall and beneath the earth. Some among the tribes are quick to embrace the Scarlet Brotherhood or trade with colonists or other visitors. Most Olman know the symbol of the Seekers and are wary of any who bear it, as that organization’s past attempts to plunder and exploit their treasures and cultural secrets are not fondly remembered.


Only Olman can be affiliated with the tribes. A non-Olman who impresses the elders might eventually qualify for the Friend to the Tribe feat and this affiliation.


Tribe (racial)


7 (peninsula)

Affiliation Score Criterion

Native Olman are automatically affiliated. A non-Olman must be inducted into a tribe in front of a council of elders and take part in a one-week ritual of fasting and imbibing an intoxicating herbal mixture called dramkara in hopes of experiencing visions of the tribe’s totem. After this weeklong ordeal, the non-Olman is considered Olman in every way by the rest of the tribe. Executive Powers: Craft, Plague, War

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 PC’s level
5 or more ranks in Knowledge(nature) +1
5 or more ranks in Survival +1
Favored enemy (aberration, animal, or magical beast) +1
Dinosaur animal companion or mount +1
Dream Seer feat +1
Kahiko Feat +1
Kahiko Master feat +2
Carve own Kaua’koi +1
Slay noted enemy of the Olman +1/8 enemy’s CR
Assist Olman in repelling or defeating threat +2
Responsible for the destruction of zombie retinue -2
Responsible for the death of Olman war party -4
Ignore threat to Olman -4
Refuse the command of a tribal elder -4
Wear medium or heavy armor -1
Use weapons made of metal -1
Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Junior member of the tribe with no benefits
4-10 Tribal Warrior: +2 racial bonus on Stealth checks, proficiency gained in one Olman exotic weapon
11-19 Hunt Master: You may request a cleric or druid spell of up to 2nd level once per week. Once per month, you must lead a war party against the tribes’ enemies or take a -2 penalty on your affiliation score.
20-25 War Chief: +4 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made in Olman villages or members of Olman tribes, gaining an addition +4 on Gather Information checks. In addition, you may request the service of a zombie retinue whose total level Hit Dice equals your character level.
26-19 Elder: Any Olman gladly gives his life at your command (although penalties may apply to your affiliation score as normal). Once per month, you can select another member of your tribe whose affiliation score is less than your own and honor his service to the tribe. That tribesman gains a +2 to her affiliation score. A tribesman may only gain this bonus once. In addition, you may pray to the totem of your tribe to receive a boon once per week. This involves a ritual that lasts for 6 hours, in which you burn an offering of 100 gp x your character level or offer a blood sacrifice of a living creature whose hit dice equals at least half your own. At the conclusion of the ritual you gain the spell-like ability to cast any spell on the cleric or druid spell list as a cleric or druid two levels lower than your character level. You may use this spell-like ability once. You may only have one spell available to you in this manner at a time.
30 or Higher Chosen One: The tribes believe you are destined to herald a new era of glory and revitalize the long-dead Olman Empire. You no longer suffer affiliation score penalties for the death of war parties, the destruction of zombie retinues, or ignoring the commands of a tribal elder. Your zombie retinue’s total Hit dice may equal twice your character level. You may also cast dominate animal as a spell-like ability at will (caster level equals your character level).

Olman Affiliation

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