Lord Monduiz Dephaar

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Lord Monduiz Dephaar was one of the original death knights. He now rules over a mass of humanoids and bandits, who refer to him as the Dreadlord of the Hills. From this northern fastness, Dephaar commands an army of undead servants, still bent on hunting down and killing all the remaining Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom that he can get his hands on. The order considers him an equally mortal adversary, but the death knight has been given great resources by the fiend Demogorgon, with whose cult he maintains close ties. Both Prince Grenell of North Kingdom and the humanoid chieftains of Spinecastle are well ware of his presence, but grant him a wide berth.

Lord Dephaar was born in North Province in the city of Bellport in 167 CY. His family was slaughtered by Frost Barbarians, but Dephaar survived to become one of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom. As part of Aerdy’s vanguard against the barbarians, Dephaar fought alongside Forren Vir and Lord Kargoth himself. Dephaar’s repeated atrocities against his barbarian foes eventually required censure, and he went into self-exile in the far north. Dephaar only returned from his exile when he heard that Lord Kargoth was challenging the knighthood’s Castle Gallant; Dephaar joined with Kargoth at Castle Fharlanst, when he unwillingly was transformed into a death knight along with Kargoth’s other followers.

From his stronghold, Dephaar now kills all Knight Protectors he can find, as well as Frost Barbarians.

Lord Monduiz Dephaar

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