Fractal Dance of Order and Chaos

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In contrast to the eternal feud and mutual loathing of the powers of Good and Evil, Chaos and Order are lovers both at play and at war. They call it the Fractal Dance because often where one side ends and the other begins is hard for anyone, even the participants, to say for sure.

Order and Chaos sometimes fight just as viciously as their Good and Evil counterparts, but often, there’s more sense of a game or competition or seduction to their meetings. Each side of Order and Chaos sees the other as a flawed aspect of itself, a fundamental misunderstanding or misperception of the truth. It’s less a war and more of an argument with each side trying to prove the other wrong or of a courtship with each side looking to seduce the other to its ways. A notable exception to this is the Blood War, which encompasses all of the Lower Planes, as the demons and devils strive for genocidal victory over their ideological counterpoints.

So… the hundun playfully and spontaneously create, and algoriths try to order the result. Proteans compete to destroy great works of Order, while axiomites confound them by adapting and rebuilding. Inevitables enforce universal laws while chaos beasts undo them, and both sides try to entrap the other with riddles and tests. Chaos and Order have allies on both sides of the Great War and frequently interfere or act as proxy agents in places where it would be too impolitic for celestials or fiends to tread. Neither the heavens nor hells trust them, of course—but they have their uses.

And sometimes they cooperate. There are places where Chaos provides inspiration and Order gives it form, like portions of Mechanus where mad science is allowed to run wild or the city of Singing Throat—sitting at the center of a web of musically inclined planes— where tremendous symphonies are drawn out of wild cacophony, and both sides quell their arguments in the name of Art.

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Fractal Dance of Order and Chaos

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