Fleagle's Fine Weapon Emporium

Evil Eye Fleagle runs this narrow, musty, but well stocked weapons shop. The Emporium stocks a wide variety of implements of mayhem, from boot knives right up to the odd pole-arm. The store also stocks a limited quantity of exotic weapons from distant ports, kept safely under lock and key in a special back room. The cost of these special weapons is appropriately high, but the rest of the store’s merchandise is fairly priced- if only of average quality. Fleagle sells to anyone who has cash, but stays away from direct connections to the copious criminal element of the city.

Most of the stock in Fleagle’s Weapons Emporium is either imported from overseas or made by the lower-end craftsmen of Sasserine. Those looking for higher quality killing implements had best take their business to the artisans of the Sunrise District.

Fleagle himself is a well known figure in Shadowshore, a stooped, wiry man with greasy black hair, and huge beak of a nose and a lazy eye with a tendency to drift distractingly while customers speak with him. His lazy eye leads many to underestimate the man, but Fleagle’s good eye is a dead shot, whether with bow, crossbow or firearm, as the few Cutthroats who tried to take advantage discovered. The weapons dealer’s shop is left totally unmolested these days. Fleagle keeps a small apartment above the shop.

Fleagle has some odd views about the political situation in Sasserine, and spends a fair amount of his free time standing on street comers ranting at the top of his squeaky voice about the “oppressive hand of the Sea Lord” and his “corrupt cronies”. Any talk of politics in his shop quickly elicits a heartfelt harangue about the machinations of the Captain’s Council oppressing the masses, and how “dere’s a revlooshan cummin!”

Fleagle is proud to show anyone gaining his trust the heavily trapped secret bunker under his shop, well stocked with food, weapons, alchemist’s fire, torches-—as well as Fleagle’s considerable nest egg. Fleagle isn’t going to start anything, but if his “revlooshan” does come he’ll be ready.

The Sea Lord’s Guard dismisses Fleagle’s street-corner ranting and the occasional vitriolic poster he pastes on his shop door as the actions of a harmless crank. But if the law ever finds out how much volatile, homemade alchemist’s fire he has stored under his shop, he’ll end up in one of the prison hulks without a doubt.

Simple/Martial weapons – Market price (common, 95%)
Exotic weapons – 125% market price (uncommon, 50%)

Fleagle's Fine Weapon Emporium

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