Heinrick Gilantheril

Farmboy turned hero


Vital statistics
Age: 29 (looks 19 for a human)
Birth date: Desnus 28, 567
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 260 lbs
Gender: Male
Eye color: Green (left), missing (right)
Hair color: Blond
Profession: Warrior, adventurer, noble’s retainer
Living relatives: Eldarinel Gilantheril (father), Ingrid Gilantheril-Schultz (mother), Astrid Gilantheril (younger sister), Johann Schultz (maternal grandfather)

Henrick Gilantheril
Male Half-Elf Fighter 11 / Barbarian 4
CG Medium Humanoid (Elf, Human)
Init 6 (4 Dex, +2 trait); Senses Perception +20, low light vision
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Olman, Sylvan, Varisian

AC 28, touch 18, flat-footed 28, combat 36 (46 vs sunder); improved uncanny dodge, blur
(+8 armor, +3 deflection, +4 Dex, +1 Dodge, +2 natural)
hp 256 (11d10 + 4d12 + 75 + 39) Fast Healing 1 Damage Reduction 6/-
Immune fatigue, exhaustion, magical sleep
Resist poison 2 Damage Conversion 8
Fort +20, Ref +16, Will +16 (+2 vs enchantment, +3 vs. fear, re-roll Will 1/rage, roll twice and take best vs. mind-affecting)
Hero Points: 0

Speed 40ft.
Melee Oracur’s Pride +31/+26/+21 (2d6+25 / 17-20/x2 or 20/x3) or
Power attacking Oracur’s Pride +27/+22/+17 (2d6+37) or
Raging Oracur’s Pride +33/+28/+23 (2d6+29) or
Raging power attacking Oracur’s Pride +29/+24/+19 (2d6+41) and Zarith totem strike +15 (1d6+12) or
Crystal Sword of Fire +32/+27/+22 (2d6+26+5d6 fire / 17-20/x2+5d10 fire) or
Power attacking Sword of Fire +28/+23/+18 (2d6+38+5d6 fire) or
Raging Sword of Fire +34/+29/+24 (2d6+30+5d6 fire) or
Raging power attacking Sword of Fire +30/+25/+20 (2d6+42+5d6 fire) and Zarith totem strike +15 (1d6+12) or
unarmed strike +22/+17/+12 (1d10+7) or
Power attacking unarmed strike +18/+13/+8 (1d10+15) or
Raging unarmed strike +24/+19/+14 (1d10+9) or
Zarith totem strike +24 (1d6+13)
Kinnetakatwa’s japute +24/+19/+14 (1d6+9 /19-20) or
Power attacking japute +20/+15/+10 (1d6+17 / 19-20) or
Ranged Fire Sword Blast +19 ranged touch (2d6+30 fire)
Tyrant’s End +21/+16/+11 (1d6 + 7 /x3), or
javelin +19 (1d6+7)
Base Atk +15; CMB +22 (+34 sunder, +32 Pilediver)
Attack Options Earthen smite, Great Cleave, Piledriver (bull rush or trip after hitting w/ standard attack), Power Attack (-4/+8, or -4/+12 two-handed)
Special Actions quicksilver, rage
Combat Gear Gargoyle Crown, Zarith tattoo (on right bicep, bull’s strength 1/day, CL 12) eyepatch of see invisibility, black soul shard, blood reservoir of physical prowess, potion of water walking x2, ring of spell storing (holds mirror image, mirror image, shield), smoke bomb of dimension door, wand of enlarge person (46 charges); potions of enlarge person x3 and protection from evil x2, void dust (3 pinches)

Gargoyle’s Crown
1/day – lesser stoneskin (DR 5/adamantine for ten minutes)
1/day – earthen smite (+4 to hit and damage against a creature touching earth or stone)

Eyepatch of See Invisibility
2/day – see invisibility (CL 3)

Kinnetakawata’s Japute (caster level 15th)
1/day – vampiric touch after successful attack with japute

Kanbatsu’s Zarith Tattoo
1/day – bull’s strength (CL 12)

Crystal Sword of Fire
At will – fire blast
3/day – wall of fire
1/day – fiery body, lava pool

Spell-like Ability (CL 15)
1/week – divination (8 lifetime uses remaining)

Abilities Str 25, Dex 19, Con 20, Int 17, Wis 18, Cha 21
SQ Backswing, bravery +3 (replaces trap sense), life link, missing eye, overhand chop, shattering strike +3, weapon training 3 (two-handed)
Feats Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Dodge*, Greater Weapon Focus (heavy blades), Greater Weapon Specialization (heavy blades), Improved Critical (heavy blades), Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Quick Silver, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Warrior’s Fury, Weapon Focus (heavy blades), Weapon Specialization (heavy blades)
Talents Feat x4, Greater Stamina, Hardy, Stamina (38 Str for encumbrance; +18 check)
Rage Powers Clear Mind, Lesser Zarith Totem, Strength Surge, Zarith Totem
Traits Charming, Elven Reflexes
Skills Acrobatics +11 [4] (+24 jumping), Athletics +14 [4] (+27 jumping), Bluff +8 [3], Diplomacy +25 [14], Heal +6 [2], Intimidate +18 [10], Knowledge (arcana) +4 [1*], Knowledge (dungeoneering) +10 [2], Knowledge (local) +4 [1], Knowledge (nature) +11 [5], Knowledge (nobility) +4 [1], Knowledge (the planes) +5 [2], Linguistics +5 [2], Perception +20 [15], Profession (sailor) +8 [1], Sense Motive +17 [13], Stealth +11 [5] , Survival +14 [7], Use Magic Device +10 [5]
Possessions combat gear, plus Verdant Shadow, Tyrant’s End (+2 aberration bane composite (+5) gryfhorn shortbow), +1 crystal longsword of poison, Ulioth’s Spear (+3 anarchic spear), amulet of natural armor +2 (anaconda scale), boots of striding and springing, ring of protection 3, efficient quiver embroidered with legend of May Thusa, type II bag of holding, jungle cloak of comfort, ring of arcane signets, ring of the free thinker, muleback cords ==3== tabard of resistance and minor displacement with coat of arms

Lost item with sentimental value: glamered hide-fortified breastplate of command

28 arrows, 5 adamantine arrows, 10 mithral arrows, 5 sleep arrows (nonlethal, Will DC 11 or sleep), 18 javelins

bedroll, fish hooks, flint and steel, grappling hook, 50 ft. of silk rope, waterskin (on belt), whetstone, 15 days rations, 50 gp of jewelry, 4 spare bowstrings

Alcindar’s courtier’s outfits x2, Alcindar’s explorer’s outfit, Alcindar’s casual outfit, Alcindar’s hot weather outfit (all give +1 Diplomacy and Intimidate when worn without armor)

Tapestry depicting a sagoth tribe hunting a lidi

21,700 gp combat wealth
30,570.1 gp non-combat wealth in bag of holding, 7156 gp of Opar gems
175 influence

15,000 gp credit for weapon/armor enhancements from Tarmon and Thorgrim; being used to add +1 and adaptive to bow.

Dawn Council Scion of Sasserine (18)
Church of the Whirling Fury Blade Warden (13.5)
Olman Tribe (Mora Tiger): Tribal Warrior (8)

Backswing (Ex): Heinrick adds double his Strength bonus to damage with two-handed weapons on all attacks in a full attack, rather than one and a half times.

Overhand Chop (Ex): Heinrick adds double his Strength bonus to damage with two-handed weapons when he attacks with a standard action or charge, rather than one and a half times.

Piledriver (Ex): After making a successful attack with a two-handed weapon as a standard action, Heinrick can make a bull rush or trip attempt as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Rage (Ex) Heinrick has 24 rounds of rage a day. He gains +4 Str and Con, -2 AC and a +2 morale bonus on Will saves.

While in rage, Heinrick cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration. Heinrick can end his rage as a free action and is fatigued after rage for a number of rounds equal to twice the number of rounds spent in the rage. Heinrick cannot enter a new rage while fatigued or exhausted but can otherwise enter rage multiple times during a single encounter or combat. If Heinrick falls unconscious, his rage immediately ends, placing him in peril of death.

Life Link (Su) Heinrick and Katrina’s Voidsoul forms were merged, creating a bond between them that transcends life and death. Should one of them die, the other can perform a raise dead on them by permanently sacrificing hit points equal to their current hit dice or resurrection by permanently sacrificing two hit points per current hit dice. Alternatively, a sample of one’s body (such as a lock of hair) can be substituted for a sample of the other’s for the purpose of casting a resurrection spell. A larger sample (such as a tooth, or the tip of a finger, causing 1 hit point to be lost permanently) can substitute for a suitable target for raise dead.

This bond is not in any way shape or form mental or empathic.

Warrior’s Fury (Ex) Heinrick adds half of his fighter levels to his barbarian levels for purposes of barbarian class features, and vice versa. Currently he is considered a 13th level fighter and 9th level barbarian.

Heinrick’s anger was honed in Phyrexia as a Voidtorn soul, where he suffered indignities, insults and torture. He was forced to helplessly watch his friend tormented before his eyes. He does not suffer the special penalties for his feat as a result.

Lifting: It bears mentioning that with the Stamina talent and muleback cords, Heinrick’s light load is 4,896 pounds, his medium load is 9,808 pounds, and his maximum load is 14,720 pounds. He can push or drag 73,600 pounds.

Oracur’s Pride: Originally forged as the last masterwork of Heinrick’s grandfather, Johann Schultz, this blade was shattered in battle with the red dragon Kelvartz. Heinrick used the dragon’s own sword for a time, until finding a smith skilled enough to reforge it. The half-orc prodigy Tureg Irontooth wove his own proud heritage into Johann’s blade, creating Oracur’s Pride. It acts as a +4 impervious* cold iron greatsword of supreme cleaving, allowing Heinrick to take a 5-ft. step between Cleave attacks, possesses a non-magical +1 enhancement bonus (does not stack with magic), and deals triple damage (rather than double) when Heinrick rolls a natural 20 and confirms the critical hit.

After he recovered the blade due to the machinations of The Cuckoo, Heinrick found that he was able to move farther than before between cleave attempts. So long as Heinrick continues successfully striking his foes, he is able to take a 5 ft. step and attack if the step places him within reach of a foe, as a full round action.

Kinnetakawata’s japute: A +2 ghost touch japute. You can summon or dismiss this weapon once per round as a free action, as it is of the spirit world, and not a true physical entity. While summoned, you gain all the benefits of a japute (+6 vs disarming, +2 Climb). 1/day, you can cast vampiric touch on a creature you have struck with the weapon.

Gargoyle Crown: The wizards of ancient Thanaclan crafted several dozen of these crowns as rewards for those gargoyle minions who served them well. Over the centuries, most of the gargoyle crowns have been destroyed or lost, but a few remain here and there, often in the possession of the descendants of those original favored gargoyle minions.

Crafted from pieces of carefully carved granite, a gargoyle crown features three sharp points ringing the rest of the wearer’s head. The crown has two primary powers. Once per day as a free action, it can be activated to give the wearer DR 5/adamantine (or add adamantine to existing damage reduction, if it lacks a material penetrator.) for ten minutes, giving his skin the appearance of stone. Once a day, the wearer can declare a smite attack against a creature touching earth and stone, gaining a +4 bonus to attacks and damage against that target until it dies or goes one round without touching earth and stone.

Verdant Shadow: this suit of +2 warding* heavy emerald snakehide armor has a +8 armor bonus, +4 max Dex, -5 Armor Check, 30% Arcane Spell Failure, DR 5/-, and weights 35 lbs (this includes modifications for enchantment and snakehide). Its armor check penalty does not apply to Athletics and Stealth, and it grants a further +5 bonus to stealth. It also makes its wearer a deadly wrestler; 3/day as a swift action, he can be considered one size larger for purposes of what he can grapple (or what can grapple him) and gains a constrict attack dealing 1d8+Str damage. Finally, the wearer takes 2 less points of ability damage from poison. 32,000 gp, counted as +3 enhancement.

The Crystal Sword of Fire is a +1 flaming sword. As a standard action, it can fire a blast of fire that deals 1d6 + 1 fire damage per level, with a range of 100 ft as a ranged touch attack.

When the Gem of Fire is set in its hilt, it becomes a +3 flaming burst sword. As a full round action, it can fire a sheet of flame that deals 1d6 fire damage per level in a 100 ft line. A Reflex save (DC 10 + ½ wielder BaB + bonuses*) is allowed for half damage. The range on the standard action attack becomes 200 ft. The wielder can speak a command word to activate wall of fire 1/day at a caster level equal to the wielder’s HD.

When the Bracer of Fire is worn with the sword, it becomes a +5 keen flametongue. At the wielder’s option (a nonaction determined at the beginning of his turn), all damage dealt by the sword can be fire damage. As a standard action it can fire a blast of fire that deals 2d6 + 2 fire damage per level with a range of 300 ft. 1/day as a 1 round action it can turn the area within 30 ft. into a lava pool that remains for 2d6 rounds. (This can be disrupted as a 9th level spell, a wielder can make a CMB or concentration check to maintain. The wielder is immune to the effects of the lava, the wielder’s allies are not.) The wielder can speak the command word to activate wall of fire 3/day. The wielder can speak a command word to activate fiery body 1/day at a caster level equal to the wielder’s HD.

Lava Pool: Creatures in the area of the lava pool when it forms can make a Reflex save to avoid falling into the lava, moving them to the nearest safe edge. If this movement is greater than 5 ft., they are prone. The wielder can target a number of creatures equal to his HD within 100 ft. of the pool as a standard every round. They are struck by a bubble of lava for 4d6 fire damage. (Reflex half) Lava exposure continues dealing half damage for 1d3 rounds after contact.

Quicksilver Heinrick’s prosthetic arm is crafted from pure temporal silver, solidified by Dark Katrina’s chronomancy. The arm has several unique properties discovered by Heinrick, although there are likely more he has yet to find. At this point, he knows how to use the arm to do the following.

Acceleration/Deceleration For 19 rounds a day (class level plus natural Constitution modifier), Heinrick can haste all creatures within 20 feet of him, or slow all creatures within 20 feet of him (Fort DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Con modifier negates; current DC is 22). He can exclude himself from either effect or reduce either effect to personal, he has not developed the ability to selectively exclude creatures. It is a standard action for Heinrick to activate the field and a free action to drop or maintain it. Activating the field to haste himself and slow others costs 2 rounds of use per day.

Heightened Reflexes Once per round, Heinrick can make a Reflex save to negate the effects of a successful combat maneuver performed against him. The DC is equal to the combat maneuver check that hit him. This costs a round of acceleration field usage each time it is used.

Metabolize Wounds While the arm naturally provides Heinrick with fast healing 1, he can draw upon its powers to close his wounds at an accelerated pace. This power acts as a cure spell with a range of personal, a caster level equal to his hit dice, and costing one round of acceleration field usage. He can currently use cure critical wounds as a standard action, or cure moderate wounds as a swift action. Activating this power is a swift action and costs a round of acceleration field usage each time. Heinrick cannot maintain the acceleration field while metabolizing his wounds.

Fast heal field Heinrick can activate the field to grant all creatures within fast healing 5. It costs 1 round of use per round to use this ability. Unlike the arm’s other healing powers, Heinrick can maintain this ability concurrently with his ability to increase time’s flow, so long as he pays for both ability’s usage. For creatures who are suffering bleed damage effects however, the power increases their bleed damage by 5, rather than healing their wounds.

Inherent Bonuses and other notes: Heinrick has a +1 inherent bonus to Strength and Constitution from eating the flesh of the great razortooth dinosaur, Temhauti-Tecuani.
His experiences in the mongrelfolk village of Barbas have given him a +1 inherent bonus to Wisdom.
He is missing an eye, giving him a -2 penalty on Perception checks.
Helping dissect an aboleth has given him a +2 bonus to Knowledge (dungeoneering).
Partaking of the disgusting meal set out by the undead scholar Rakis-Ka has given Heinrick an additional +1 inherent bonus to Strength, +1 to his Fortitude saves, and +10 maximum hit points.
Destroying Tlaloc’s Tear gave Heinrick a +1 inherent bonus to Charisma.
Attending an arcane symposium with Katrina and listening to the likes of Tenser and Bigby speak has given Heinrick a +1 inherent bonus to Intelligence and 1 free rank in Knowledge (arcana).
Digesting the formidable meal laid out at Lord Drac’s Lighthouse Ball gave him an additional 10 hit points.
He has studied martial arts with Anteki Alresian, gaining Dodge as a bonus feat.
Helping decipher the writings of a mad Olman wizard has granted Heinrick 1 free rank in Lingustics.
All of these bonuses are already factored into the statistics above.


At his core, Heinrick is a friendly, charming, and carefree soul. He is courageous to a fault, quick with his fists, and quicker with a joke or quip, no matter how serious the situation. Though quite intelligent, he is ruled more by his passions than reason, whether it be abiding love or bloody-eyed rage, and his protective instinct towards his loved ones, and anyone weaker than himself, would put a mother bear’s to shame. His personality is powerfully magnetic, easily winning friends even among those with little reason to like or trust him; women, especially, seem irresistibly drawn to his roguish charm (his nearly-perfect body doesn’t hurt, either).

Despite his devil-may-care attitude, Heinrick does have a serious side. His devotion to his lover, Lavinia Vanderboren, his unwavering opposition to evil, and his relentless physical training show the capacity for discipline he is most often content to ignore. And too, his outlook has darkened in recent months; though he maintains an optimistic front, loss has taken its toll on him. The loss of his half-brother, his childhood companion Jerard (twice!), numerous other comrades, and even his unborn child, have all put a shadow behind his eyes, and a grimmer edge to his jaw, even when set in its typical grin.

Heinrick is a huge man, especially for a half-elf, and none of his considerable weight consists of fat. He stands most of a head over average height, with thick, powerful muscles rippling like liquid steel under every inch of his tanned skin. Despite his imposing bulk, he moves with an almost catlike grace; this, and the shaggy, golden mane give the impression of a lion in a man’s form. His strong, classically handsome features favor his human side, with only the slightly elongated ears, improbably smooth complexion, and complete lack of facial hair to make his elven blood apparent. Heinrick’s left eye is a brilliant, emerald green; the right is missing, plucked out by some monster’s claw, leaving only a pit of scar tissue that he covers with a black patch. Likewise, his right forearm is a prosthetic of magical silver that would be indistinguishable from his natural limb, if not for the color. His arms and torso are crisscrossed with tracks of more scars, mostly small, but including a huge, ugly patch of tissue directly over his heart.

He favors practical, comfortable clothes when not adventuring, typically a simple shirt and trousers. Only the most formal of occasions can convince him to prove how well he can clean up in Alcindar’s best threads. When geared for battle, or when he simply wishes to appear martial, Heinrick dons a suit of brilliant green hide armor covering his torso and legs, made from the skin of a great emerald anaconda that he and Lavinia hunted. Over it, he wars a rich emerald tabard, cut in an elven style, embroidered with his coat of arms. Potions are carried in loops on his belt, and hefts a well-made but well-worn backpack. He wears gloves of supple black leather, and sturdy hunting boots of the same. He carries his massive sword in a scabbard over his his shoulder, and can summon a horn bow from within the gloves with a snap of his fingers. He wears an amulet made from a single green snake scale the size of his palm, and completes the ensemble with a crude, but oddly beautiful crown of polished granite.

Coat of arms: The field is green, in the shape of a gyor. In the top corner is an anvil set upon a tree, suggestive of Heinrick’s elven and human ancestry. A large sword crosses the field, and the motto ‘Pride in Loyalty’ crowns the heraldry.

Heinrick Gilantheril is the son of the famed elven warrior, Eldarinel Gilantheril by his second wife, a human woman named Ingrid Schultz, the captain of the town guards of the small Varisian settlement simply called Home. Eldarinel came to live among humans after his first wife Anastriana, an elven evoker, attacked and severely damaged a human village in a fit of bigotry; he fell in love with Ingrid when she beat him in a sparring match, then drank him under the table. By the time their first child was born two years later, Eldarinel had been fully accepted as a member of the community, despite his former wife’s madness.

Half-elves grow more slowly than humans, but Heinrick was still always one of the strongest children his age in the village, taking after both of his parents. He trained in weapons from an early age, when he wasn’t running around the town and countryside with his friend Jerard Matthias. He learned woodcraft from his father, almost in self defense against Jerard’s enthusiasm for exploring and spelunking, but his choice of a playground was always the town itself. Besides the thrill of dashing about the alleys and rooftops, Heinrick has always been a people person; every bully that picked on him for being half-elf and younger eventually wound up a friend after Heinrick thrashed him, and his easy smile and charming wit won over the last few adults who held a grudge over Anastriana’s violent attack. Unlike most young boys, he never went through a phase of hating girls; he always seemed to perform his wildest escapades when at least one pair of female eyes were watching. And, as he grew up into the strongest and best looking young man in the village, the feeling began to be returned.

After several years of rambling the immediate countryside sowing wild oats and avoiding hints of marriage at all costs, he has begun to wonder if there is anything more in the world than settling down and raising a family in the same village where he was born. Shortly after meeting his half-brother Artrarien Galanodel, the two decided over a bottle of whiskey to go out into the world, and make a name for themselves as adventurers, following in their father’s footsteps. It wasn’t hard to convince Jerard to come with them, if only for a break from the jobs of militiaman and blacksmith that were taking up ever more of his time. And so they traveled across Varisia to Sandpoint, and boarded a ship for the far-off city of Sasserine.

There Is No Honor: Little did Heinrick know how much that city would feature in his destiny. After getting into a brawl right off the ship, he and his friends soon found work with a noblewoman, Lavinia Vanderboren, who had fallen on hard times. Even as Heinrick plied his charm on her, they helped Lady Vanderboren recover her property, including a ship and entrance to her parents’ vault. In the process, they also discovered the identity of her parents’ murderer… Lavinia’s own brother, Vanthus. While pursuing him, they followed his connections to the infamous Lotus Dragons crime syndicate, and rooted out a cell of the gang, though its corrupt noble leader, Rowyn Kellani, escaped. Tragically, during these adventures, Jerard, Artrarien, and both of Heinrick’s other companions were killed.

With every success and setback during these adventures, Heinrick and Lavinia had grown steadily closer, and at the height of their loss, they found comfort in each others’ arms. The half-elf found himself falling ever-deeper in love with the spirited noblewoman, and officially became a permanent retainer of House Vanderboren, whose fortunes recovered rapidly, thanks largely to his efforts. She also presented him to the Dawn Council, Sasserine’s ruling body, who lavished praise upon him for dealing a blow to the hated crime syndicate.

Fiend’s Embrace: After a few days of recovery, an acquaintance of Lavinia’s asked Heinrick to recover a magical artifact from a swamp to the north. Having no new leads in his pursuit of the elusive and maddening Vanthus, he accepted, and set out for the Cold Marshes, in search of the legendary cloak, Content Not Found: fiend-s-embracen. This quickly proved to be a nightmare trek; though he received help from several sources, including an elven agent of the Witchwardens named Arien, his progress was slow, hounded by beasts natural and unliving, and food quickly ran short. Upon reaching the ruined keep housing the cloak, Heinrick and his allies were forced to do battle with the scrags living there, and a rival group of evil adventurers seeking the same treasure. Even finding their goal and returning to Sasserine proved small comfort, as it quickly became apparent that their client was quite insane.

The Bullywug Gambit: During his foray into the Lotus Dragon base, Heinrick had discovered that Vanthus Vanderboren would be meeting with representatives of the dread Crimson Fleet pirates at a place known as Kraken’s Cove. Hiring a ship captained by the keen but sharp-tongued Amella Venkalie, Heinrick and Arien set out to interrupt the meeting and apprehend the murderous noble. Unfortunately for all concerned, they were not only too late, but Vanthus’ intentions were far more dire than a mere alliance between two packs of criminals.

He had somehow acquired some type of magical pearl, and shattered it, releasing a terrible plague that mutated most of the pirates into horrid, savage monsters that turned on each other in a wholesale slaughter while Vanthus fled. The survivors of the melee were just as happy to turn on Heinrick and his friends when they arrived. Even Heinrick himself was infected by their vile bites, but (with some help from magic) proved tough enough to fight off the unnatural disease. Hacking their way through the mutants, they encountered the lone survivor from the Crimson Fleet; the lovely and lethal Captain Harliss Javell.

The group aided Harliss in dispatching the last of her crewmates who had succumbed to the Savage Fever, only to learn that she had already attempted a misguided revenge; not knowing of Vanthus’ brutality against his own family, she had dispatched her first mate to Sasserine, with orders to wipe out House Vanderboren. A mostly-coherent Heinrick explained the situation, and set off with a token from Harliss to cancel the hit. Discovering the ship that brought them wrecked by a demonic ally of Vanthus, they commandeered one of the empty but intact pirate ships called the Sea Wyvern, and set off back to Sasserine with all speed.

Forcing their way through an incredibly inconveniently-timed celebration of the holiday Wormfall (and an assassination attempt by House Kellani), Heinrick’s party managed to reach the Vanderboren manor, only to find it infested with the pirate’s frog-like bullywug mercenaries. Again, they battled the minions of evil, rescuing two members of the Jade Ravens, another group loyal to the Vanderborens, as they went. In Lavinia’s bedchamber, they found her, and the rest of her household, being held captive by the vile pirate Drevoraz. Lavinia’s friend and majordomo, Kora Whistlegap, had already been killed to force cooperation. Negotiations quickly broke down, even with the token from Captain Javell, and battle erupted.

In the ensuing melee, Drevoraz stabbed Lavinia in the stomach (unknowingly killing her and Heinrick’s unborn child), then escaped the furious Heinrick by leading him into a bullywug ambush. Heinrick was knocked unconscious, and only intervention from his friends and lover prevented him from being carried off by the perverted frog-men. Heinrick remained behind to protect Lavinia and recover from his injuries, while Arien and the others pursued and apprehended Drevoraz. The Dawn Council gladly took him into custody, while the Witchwardens were most concerned by reports of the Savage Tide disease.

The Sea Wyvern’s Wake: Her house’s finances steadily recovering, Lavinia soon began making preparations for a grand venture; a voyage to the colony of Farshore which her parents had helped found only a few years before. New colonists and essential supplies would be carried to the the distant Isle of Dread, on the Vanderborens’ Blue Nixie, and Heinrick’s Sea Wyvern. The Wyvern was captained once again by Amella, with the equally sharp-tongued priestess of Besmara, Marisbesana, serving as first mate. Despite some initial difficulties in dealing with an arrogant noble passenger, one Avner Meravanchi, whose father was helping to pay for the trip, the voyage seemed to start out well.

Of course, this did not last, and it quickly became apparent that the Sea Wyvern harbored a saboteur. After suffering from traps, poisoned food, endless mischief caused by impersonating members of the crew, and cold-blooded murder, Heinrick and the others finally rooted out the interloper. It was none other than Rowyn Kellani, claiming that Heinrick had taken everything from her, and she was taking justified revenge. Her grievances were soon ended, though, along with her life.

Shortly after disposing of Kellani and smoothing over the lingering results of her meddling, the Wyvern picked up a castaway, a young woman named Joliet Johaberdash who had seemingly led a charmed life; escaping from slavery, gaining sorcery, and fleeing from a from pirates in the middle of the ocean, just in time to be picked up. Proving herself in battle against a sea monster, Joliet joined the crew of the Sea Wyvern shortly before the ship made a fateful stop…

The ship’s gnome navigator, Urol Forol, wanted to explore the legendary Olman ruins of Tamoachan, guarded by a terrible monster. Heinrick, Arien, and Joliet accompanied him to protect and help his explorations. Though they found ancient treasures, the ruins were lethally trapped, and inhabited by the restless ghost of its guardian; a basilisk. Arien was petrified by the spirit’s gaze, and shattered when its dissipation brought the ruins crumbling down. Of all the creature’s former victims, only a single statue survived intact, a young woman whom Heinrick brought back to the ships and restored.

Katrina Islaran had been imprisoned in stone for only a few years; she had, in fact, been part of the founding voyage to Farshore with Lavinia’s parents, and come to explore the ruins much as Heinrick had. Unlike Heinrick and Urol, her entire group was wiped out by the traps and monsters infesting the ruins, and abandoned by the corrupt captain of the ship. Katrina joined the crew of the Sea Wyvern to finish the journey she began. Over the next days and weeks, she and Heinrick became good friends, and her wizardry proved an invaluable aid in overcoming the dangers of the trip.

The first of those dangers was an attack by a pirate ship, who by a twist of fate, were led by Lars Helvur, the very same man who had abandoned Katrina and her old friends to die. That battle ended prematurely, when the undead pirate king Malagon arrived to press his claim on Helvur’s soul, and offered the vengeful Katrina one favor in exchange for it. These events were followed in rapid succession by a mysteriously burned fortress and a shadow under the waves, a seven-headed hydra, a mysterious snake-haired sorceress, a dragon in human form who sundered Heinrick’s sword, and a pack of giant spiders. The worst threat of the voyage, however, happened during a stop in a small, Olman village…

The villagers received them as honored guests, and threw a party in the travelers’ honor, until Avner gravely insulted the chieftain with an offer to outright purchase his niece as a servant. Heinrick defused that situation by giving the infuriating nobleman a long-overdue punch, then beat him further after returning to the ship when he insulted Lavinia, Joliet, and all non-nobles as a group. Returning to the party, things seemed to be picking up… until a demoness of incredible power manifested herself. This Crimson claimed to have Jerard’s soul in her thrall, and refused to leave until someone had sex with her. Joliet, for reasons known only to herself, called on a scrap of folk wisdom to banish the demon… by summoning a demon lord. Pazuzu did indeed send Crimson back to the Abyss, after impregnating the sorceress with his child, threatening the village and Heinrick’s family, and gloating that he had been given free reign on the Mortal Coil for a full day.

After leaving the village, the Sea Wyvern was separated from the Blue Nixie by a terrible storm, before being accosted by a second, far more vicious group of pirates. The entire crew was forced to fight for their lives, but miraculously no one was killed. Amella was even given a chance to take revenge on her husband’s murderer, the gnome pirate Badgewell. Heinrick and the other crew of the Wyvern took the Widowmaker’s halfling captain prisoner, and rescued several survivors of the burned fort they had passed earlier, who had been picked up and held for ransom and amusement by the pirates. After seeing the horrors aboard the ship, they burned it to the waterline in their wake.

Shortly after defeating the pirates, the Wyvern was trapped in every sailor’s nightmare; the legendary sargasso sea, known across the world as Journey’s End. Walking across the weed to explore other ships wrecked nearby during the day, they were assaulted by deadly plant monsters at night, once again barely surviving. The appearance of a mysterious planar traveler with great healing powers was all that saved the crew, allowing Heinrick, Katrina, and Mari to venture towards the heart of the weed, and strike at the monster that spawned it.

The remainder of the voyage was surprisingly uneventful, until arriving at Farshore itself, where another storm drove the Sea Wyvern aground on Masher Reef. Mari jumped overboard to save another crew member while the others fought the storm and gigantic, predatory fish for which the reef was named, until they could struggle no more.

Here There Be Monsters: Heinrick and the few other survivors including Avner and Amella awoke on a lonely beach on the Isle of Dread. They quickly realized that supplying the colony was no longer immediately practical; their first priority had to be simple survival. Luckily, a native shaman named Kinnetakatwa met them there, and aided them in battling the opportunistic predators who approached the wreckage looking for an easy meal.

With Urol’s knowledge of the island and old maps to guide them, the stragglers set off towards a mountain pass filled with Olman ruins, that would lead them to the straightest path back to civilization. Fighting and avoiding terror birds, and conversing with an ancient mother of spiders, they made their way to the ruins. Once there, Kinnetakatwa was revealed to be an ancient spirit known as The Watcher, who was bound there. Being released by their actions to go to the next life, he bestowed gifts on his mortal friends before departing. More skirmishes with the vermin and undead infesting the crypt, and the group’s lack of healing magic, led to resting there for a day before moving on.

The remains of the Wyvern’s crew began a long trudge down the cliffs on the eastern coast of the Isle of Dread. Twice, they were assaulted by a nest of gargoyles, slaying first a scouting party, and then a larger group led by the monsters’ king. Their steps were hounded by another unseen stalker, who stole food each night from their shelters and left disgusting markers each morning. Upon finding an inviting valley that cut through the cliffs, they discovered horribly twisted wildlife in the island’s interior, as well as the identity of their tail…

The first morning in the foggy jungle, after a night of disturbing prophetic dreams, they were attacked by a group of ape-like demons, which Katrina identified as bar-lgura. The attack was only a hit and run, with the demons snatching Urol and retreating after a few short moments of combat. Too depleted to pursue immediately, the group collapsed into a funk… only a few moments before another group of survivors from the Wyvern stumbled upon them. After confirming that each other were not demonic tricks, they compared stories, including Brother Quintal’s Olman lore regarding the cursed valley in which they found themselves. It seemed that they had at least a full day before their gnomish comrade would be sacrificed…

After spending a day in rest and gathering food, Heinrick, Katrina, and two others set off for the demon temple. Navigating its sadistic traps, they met the kidnapping fiends in battle. Olangru the king ape, was a wily and brutal opponent, but he and his dark idol of the two-headed prince were destroyed by steel and sorcery, though the rescuers did lose one of their number. The curse of Fogmire lifted, the bedraggled group was able to find its way to the wall the Olman tribes had erected and were given respite among the Tanaroans. The next morning, they traveled by canoe, and finally set eyes upon their destination, Farshore… only to find it under attack by the Crimson Fleet pirates.

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Heinrick Gilantheril

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