Kain Darkwind's Savage Tide

The Bullywug Gambit IV

DM: When last we saw our heroes, murder was about to be done, on the fair Maribesana. Will she survive, True Believers? Read on and find out!

Crushing Assault Theme

Jajirlok: Jajirlock swells to a massive size as if empowered by his burning anger. His claws flash down raking across her armor, sending her tumbling backwards and bleeding heavily. The monstrous lizard creature then swipes at Heinrick, catching the warrior with a similar blow (17 damage) that sends the half-elf reeling. His jaws snap at the prone Mari, but fail to strike.

Heinrick: Heinrick replies with a mighty blow… and then another, thanks to Arien’s spell of speed, then takes a step to the side, to allow his allies entrance.

DM: The first strike goes wide but the return cut slices deep, unleashing a tide of yellowish ichor from the beast’s side.

Krenshar: Charging from the party’s rear, one of the savage krenshars, its jaws open wide, lunges at Arien. Its triple jaws close on air, however.

Mari: Mari gets to her feet shakily. Still groggy from the blow, she screams out an oath to Besmara the Pirate Queen and readies herself to engage the beast again.

Barnabas: Barnabas casts another healing spell. “We are the champions, my frieeend, DUH DUH DUH!” And then moves to get closer to Mari.

Arien: Arien steps forward, out of the krenshar’s reach for a moment, snatches a scroll out of his pocket and hastily recites it.

DM: The spell flashes out, sending glittering sparkles into Jajirlok, Mari, and some of the caged creature’s eyes.

Mari: “You stupid bastard!” Mari shrieks in anger.

Jajirlok: Jajirlock blinks a few times, but his pig like eyes are still narrowed in clear anger. Both are angry. At Arien.

The enraged lizard lashes out, catching Mari again. As he turns to strike at the bard however, he flubs, allowing Heinrick to drive his blade right through the beast’s head. Disgustingly enough, the crazed reptile keeps on fighting, despite its body being ruined beyond the point of death for any normal creature. He snaps at Heinrick in return, biting him right on his friggin’ face. (16 damage) The punctures burn like acid flames, but Heinrick shrugs off the effects. However, the half-elf stumbles backwards from the blow.

Heinrick: Heinrick, though recovered from his previous bout of savagery, is now plenty pissed off in the normal fashion. He makes another attempt to cleave the lizard thing in twain.

DM: His blade comes down across the creature’s chest, bisecting it from the shoulder. He plunges the sword in again, shishkabobing the top half and retracts his sword as he kicks out with his boot. The monster’s ruined corpse sprays acid as it flies back, but tentacles reach out and pull it toward Heinrick… biting him on the face yet again. (18 damage).

The wound burns fiercer this time. Barnabas is likewise bit, as the ass of Jajirlok mutates into a set of jaws. (21 damage) However, he fights back the infection with all the fury a bard can muster. The ass-jaws close near Mari’s neck, but fail to catch her. The acid spray washes over Heinrick (6 acid) and Jajirlok melts away to a skeleton.

Heinrick: And Heinrick falls unconscious as the acid hits him.

Krenshar: The krenshar bites its own tongue as it tries to kill Arien in a mindless fury.

Mari: Mari stabs the vile elf who grabbed her hair. The blade comes out the creature’s head in an acidic spray.

Barnabas: Barnabas goes over to heal Mari’s wounds, even if only slightly so.

Mari: “Thanks, Nabs. I’ve got the rest of this under control, though.”

Arien: Arien tries to get out of the krenshar’s reach as he casts a web spell on the beast, hoping to pin it in place.

DM: A hand emerges from the beast’s back, extends to the ceiling and draws the creature out of the way. It looks down at Arien from the roof of the cavern, rotating its head 360 degrees.

Arien: “Give me a break…”

DM: The acid corpses of the creatures in the western cages have finally burnt through the bars holding them in. They scream in anger as they break out.

Heinrick: Heinrick bleeds.

Mari: Mari runs through what’s left of Jajirlok’s corpse, heedless of the acid burning at her feet. She calls upon her goddess and lays hands on the half-elf. (11 points healed) “Damn it, you big lout, be more careful!” she scolds him as he returns to consciousness. “Wasting my damn luck on a dummy too stubborn to duck.”

Heinrick: “Guh? Uh… thanks. I think.”

Mari: Mari rolls her eyes in exasperation. “Thank me by kicking some more ass!”

Barnabas: Barnabas goes after the savage elf. And attacks it with his rapier. The savage elf is stabbed in the arm or something.

Arien: Arien leaves the krenshar in the web and steps forward into the main room. He points at three of the advancing savage beings and fires a magic missile at each.

DM: The missiles blast into the already flamed creatures, exploding one like a pumpkin. It sprays its acid over its fellow companion, who doesn’t seem to notice the damage.

Savage Creatures: The savage elf lunges onto Barnabas’ blade, the pirate cutting its heart out as it does so. Acid sprays in his face as he does so. (3 points) The savage human bites Mari in her neck and she screams. The other misses Heinrick badly, leaving himself wide open.

Mari: Mari sticks her rapier through its eye.

DM: It melts in a puddle of acid, its snapping jaws failing to strike either Mari or Heinrick. (6 points of acid)

Heinrick: Heinrick is about to strike, but the acid staggers him.

Krenshar: The krenshar lunges at Arien, biting him on the ass. (9 damage) His ass burns with the fury of a thousand angry cuckolds.

Mari: Mari unleashes a holy light on the area, healing the party. (12 healing)

Barnabas: Barnabas charges the remaining freak person thing.

DM: Spitting it on his blade like a piece of meat, Barnabas cuts down the remaining creature. It melts into a puddle of goo. And acid. (1 damage) It feebly snaps at him and Mari as it dies, but fails to sink its teeth in.

Arien: Arien steps back, then points his wand at the krenshar and discharges it in the monster’s face.

DM: The wand explodes in the crazed beast’s face burning some of it away, but only seems to piss it off.

Savage Creatures: The last two creatures shake their cage bars angrily. The acid corpse of their fellow has not quite eaten its way through the bars.

Heinrick: Heinrick moves towards the cage, and slashes one of the mutated prisoners.

DM: Acid splashes on him as he stabs the wretch to death. (4 damage)

Krenshar: The krenshar jumps at Arien’s exposed back, its triple jaws frustrated by the mystic armor Arien has wrapped himself in.

Mari: Mari moves to stab the beast in the back with her rapier.

DM: It cuts in, barely hurting the beast more than the flames.

Barnabas: Barnabas joins the fray, attacking the krenshar as well.

DM: His blade cuts deep into the beast’s hide, causing grayish ichor to creep up his blade as if it sought his life in recompense.

Arien: Arien backs out of combat, trying to get a clean shot with his wand. He darts around the cage to get a clean shot that won’t catch his allies in the blast.

Heinrick: Heinrick attacks the krenshar.

DM: He splatters the beast into a gory wreck, throwing acid in Barnabas’s face. (1 damage)

Mari: Mari turns around and sends an icicle through the chest of the savage halfling in the weakened cage.

DM: A halfling that Heinrick notices looks shockingly familiar…

Heinrick: “This place keeps getting more and more disturbing. For a second I thought… no, he died months ago.”

Barnabas: “Finish off the rest of them from a safe distance. Then we can heal ourselves and keep going. Time won’t stop for our sake.”

Heinrick: Heinrick starts guzzling potions.

Mari: Mari unleashes restoration upon the party (36 points) and unleashes icy death upon the remaining slaves.

DM: As the last one sizzles to death, the party notices that they can hear better.

Barnabas: “All right, let’s go.”

Heinrick: “You… really don’t act like a cleric, you know that, right? Thanks anyway, though.”

Arien: Arien looks at Mari. “I really didn’t pick you for a priestess… do you worship your god with that mouth?”

Mari: “You don’t know crap about anything, elf. So zip it.”

Arien: “I know crap about quite a bit of crap, but apparently I didn’t know crap about you…”

Mari: “Are you so obsessed with feces that you can’t get enough of that word?”

Arien: “Nice projection of your obsession on me.”

Heinrick: “Anyway, let’s keep moving.” Heinrick joins Barnabas, heading down the passage at the north of the room.

Barnabas: “Do you always have stupid conversations in the middle of life or death struggles? We have more important things to worry about than you two bickering!”

Heinrick: “You’d be surprised.”

Mari: Mari glares. “Don’t think you can talk that way to me just to look big in front of your new buddies.”

Arien: “Helps cut the tension.”

Barnabas: Barnabas impatiently goes down the hallway.

DM: This sandy-floored cavern seems to be some sort of trophy hall. The center piece of the displays is an enormous reptilian skull, nearly six feet in length, mounted on a wooden display. Other trophies line the walls-nameplates from ships, battered sea chests, mounted heads of sea monsters, and weathered figureheads, each doubtless carrying a sordid history of theft and betrayal.

Heinrick: “Wow… what was this, a dragon?” Heinrick remarks, as he walks past it.

Arien: “No, it wasn’t a dragon, Heinrick.”

Barnabas: Barnabas doesn’t even stop to look at them.

Heinrick: “Krenshars are down that way, but we haven’t seen the other one.”

DM: This small area is filled with piles of blankets, clothing, cases of crossbow bolts, and a collection of swords, pole arms, axes, and other weaponry.

Heinrick: “Found something over here!”

Barnabas: “What is it, a distraction?” Barnabas calls out sarcastically.

Arien: “Nope, I think it’s your sense of humor,” Arien calls back.

Barnabas: Fuming, Barnabas storms off, continuing his search for Brissa.

Arien: Arien heads down the hall. Observing the items, he takes a moment to check for magic with a spell.

DM: Arien detects no magic in the weapons.

Arien: “Nothing magical, Heinrick.”

Heinrick: “Let’s not bother, then.”

Arien: “Yeh, we don’t need the extra weight.”


Heinrick: Heinrick heads toward the hall that doesn’t lead to krenshars.

DM: The sound of sloshing water fills this damp cavern. The eastern half of the cave consists of a large, frothy tide pool, its depths thick with seaweed and its surface roiling with the surge of the sea. Several narrow fissures in the ceiling seem to lead up and out through the cliff face to the south, allowing a brisk breeze to whip through the chamber.

While Barnabas and Maribesana managed to survive the Savage Tide, it is now clear that Brissa was not so lucky. The tide transformed the once-beautiful young woman into a malformed monster, a slavering madwoman with a twisted jaw of shark’s teeth, a hunched back, and wide splayed hands writhing with additional hook-tipped fingers. She crouches in the cave, eating raw fish.

 photo SavagePirate3_zps913982e8.jpg

Barnabas: “Br-Brissa?”

Heinrick: “Gods…”

Brissa: As she notices you, she leaps to her feet, shrieking out in a hoarse voice, “Where are you, Vanthus, my love? Is that you? I knew you wouldn’t leave me! Soooo hungry… please… feed me… Brother? Is that you, Barnabas? Can you feed me? Can you make the hurting stop?”

Heinrick: Heinrick looks to Barnabas. His sister, his call.

Barnabas: “Mari, you can heal her, right? You can make her better. I know you can!”

Mari: “I don’t know, Nabs. I think… it might be too late once the bad takes them that far. I can try, though.”

Brissa: Brissa rocks back and forth, torn between the memories of her past and her consuming hunger.

Heinrick: “Careful… you’ve seen what it can make people do.”

Barnabas: “SHUT UP! We have to try!”

Heinrick: “Not saying we don’t. I’m just saying, be careful.”

Barnabas: “I said SHUT UP! She’s not just some monster, she’s my sister… she’s… she’s all I have now.”

Brissa: The noise seems to agitate Brissa.

Heinrick: Heinrick just nods, and takes a step back, raising his hand apologetically. “Okay. I’ve got your back.”

Barnabas: “Mari. Heal her. Now.” As an afterthought. “Please.”

Arien: Arien looks meaningfully at Heinrick but keeps quiet.

Barnabas: “Brissa. We’re going to try to make you better. Mari is going to help. Remember Mari?”

Brissa: Brissa snarls but holds back for a few seconds as Mari approaches.

Mari: Mari extends her hands and Brissa bites down on her fingers. “Damn it!” Mari shrieks, casting the spell.

Brissa: Brissa blinks and sits back, glassy eyed.

Arien: Arien narrows his eyes at the spell.

Mari: “Nabs, there’s nothing more I’m going to be able to do here. Maybe Captain Valeros has something in his quarters that can help? If not, we can knock her out and try to get her back to the city… someone powerful there should be able to help, right?”

Barnabas: “Maybe… yeah. Of course. Of course he does!”

Heinrick: “Best hope I can think of… if not there, then Sasserine…”

Brissa: “Don’t leaavveee meeee, Vanthus!” Brissa moans, rocking back and forth.

Heinrick: Heinrick winces. Now is not the time to bring him up.

Arien: “Can she travel? It’s half a day’s walk back to where our ship will be waiting.”

Mari: “Why don’t we leave her here, in case we run into anything dangerous in Valeros’ quarters?”

Heinrick: Heinrick looks distinctly uncomfortable at the thought.

Mari: “She’ll be safe here and she’s a danger to us and to herself if we take her elsewhere.”

Barnabas: “Brissa? Just wait here, ok? I’ll be back soon, I promise. Here.” Barnabas tosses her a day’s worth of rations and some fresh water.

Mari: “Look,” Mari says, pointing to the pile of raw fish. “She’s got food, and water… what we need to do now is move quickly, before she loses her mind and tries to kill us.”

Barnabas: “She wouldn’t do that.”

Arien: “You don’t know that. This thing warps you. Once it takes over you aren’t you any longer. Your mind fades. She wouldn’t do it, but what she would become would.”

Barnabas: “Who asked you!? You don’t understand a damn thing!”

Mari: “C’mon, Nabs, let’s move out… the longer we take, the less likely we can get rid of this bad.”

Barnabas: “Right. Let’s hurry.”

Heinrick: “So, where are these captain’s quarters?”

DM: This small labyrinth of tunnels must lead somewhere important. It is dark, however, and winding. You can hear something shuffling around deeper in.

Arien: “Yeh, this doesn’t look like a trap.”

Mari: Mari winds her way deeper into the tunnels. “We weren’t allowed back here, so it must be around here somewhere.”

Heinrick: Assuming nothing tries to kill him, Heinrick leads the way through the maze and into the next corridor.

DM: This cavern has been outfitted with the finest in stolen furniture. Thick rugs cover the floor, and fine silk tapestries and masterful seascape paintings hang from the walls, giving the place an almost regal feel. A four-poster bed takes up much of a large nook to the south, and nearby stands an oak desk with a matching armoire.

Alas, much of th is furniture is ruined, spattered and stained with gore and deeply scarred by sword play. A skeletal body dressed in the ruins of a once-fine suit of studded leather lies in a red heap at the foot of the bed, a buckler still strapped to its arm. Five more bodies lie about the room , horribly deformed men and women who seem to have perished on a rapier’s point.

Kigante Valeros, an old salty dog of a half-elf and a Crimson Fleet veteran, called this dry warm patch of cave home. The cavern walls are lined with extraordinary paintings (more than a few of which were gifts from Brissa Santos). Kigante himself lies against the foot of his bed, his corpse half-devoured by savage pirates. Kigante did not die with out a fight, as the bodies of the five savage pirates in the room testify.

Savage Person photo SavagePerson.jpg

Barnabas: “Oh, Captain…” Barnabas bows his head for a moment of respect, then hastily searches the desk for something potentially useful.

Arien: Arien checks the room for any magic. “Check under the bed, Barnabas. Magic will save her and the only magic is under the bed.”

Barnabas: Barnabas dives under the bed to check.

DM: Kigante’s griffon headed rapier lies there, fallen from its owner’s hand.

Barnabas: Barnabas picks it up. “This must be it.”

Arien: Arien plucks a ring of Kignate’s finger. “Also magic.” Arien nods. “That’s it. I’m sorry. There’s another room over here, I think, Mari headed in that direction.”

Barnabas: Barnabas goes in that direction, the rapier gripped absently.

Mari: “Nabs, be quiet… do you hear that?” Mari asks in a whisper.

Heinrick: Heinrick checks the desk, to see if Barnabas missed anything that refers to the plague.

Arien: Arien joins Heinrick in looking through the desk and any papers it holds.

DM: He finds old charts of impressive navigational quality and a vial of vermilion ink worth roughly forty gold pieces. Also, there are three silver bars, each worth roughly thirty gold.

Heinrick: “Bah.” Heinrick picks up the silver bars and ink.

DM: Barnabas, listening carefully, picks out a woman’s voice screaming oaths and the low rumbling growl of what might be a thousand virgins being raped very quietly.

Barnabas: Barnabas nods to Mari.

Arien: Arien pockets the navigational charts for future use.

Heinrick: Heinrick then goes to join them in the next room.

Barnabas: Barnabas sneaks down the hallway.

DM: The sound of combat, the unmistakable slobbering cries of rage and hunger from several savage pirates, and a woman’s voice shouting profane threats and curses become audible. The floor of this cavern slopes downward to the southeast, finally ending in a large tide pool. The waters seem to be surging from a submerged passageway leading to the southwest. A hammock strung between two stalagmites sways gently to the south, next to an overturned table and a broken chair.

Harliss Javell Theme

Harliss Javell is a bold beauty with raven black hair that flows like the deepest shade of midnight against her deeply tanned skin. She wears tight leather armor studded with fire opals and pearls and wields a curved rapier and dagger in a blinding display of swordplay.

Harliss photo Harlissfullbody.jpg

She has been backed into the southern corner of the cave, where she uses the overturned table as cover to fend off a dozen savage pirates. Over two dozen more lay dead on the ground, yet for all her skills in swordplay, Harliss is growing weary. She’s been bitten several times by the savage pirates and her wounds bubble with the infection.

 photo SavagePirate_zps37bcec58.jpg

Harliss: Harliss whips around in a blaze of action, sticking one savage creature through the brain, dropping it, and whirling to catch another under its chin with her dagger. “Ye picked the wrong lass to make a meal of today,” she yells as she spins to pick off another two with her rapier. She notices the party and yells, “Oi! Get in th’ fight or stay outta me way, buckos. These things are lookin’ to die, and I plan on obliging.”

Arien: “Holy crap, Heinrick, she’s an even better swordsman then you.”

Heinrick: “Hmph. Different technique. Like to see her bring down a zombulk.”

Barnabas: Barnabas gets in the fight, sort of. He moves in towards the fighting and sings a courage-inspiring song. “Split your lungs with blood and thunder!”

Mari: Mari runs after Barnabas, drawing her rapier and plunging it into one of the savage beasts near her companion. “Eat steel and die, bitch!” she screams.

DM: She tears a jagged hole in its chest. The stubborn creature hangs on, however.

Heinrick: Heinrick follows, striking the same monster.

DM: The creature lashes out as it dies, but fails miserably as its body is smashed into the ground by the mighty warrior.

Arien: Arien advances into the room and tries to put himself in a position to discharge his wand into a mass of savage beings.

Savage Pirates: One savage pirate rushes at Heinrick and Barnabas, catching the bard with a lucky strike of his cutlass. (4 damage). The other attacks Arien and Mari, stabbing Mari through her shoulder with its blade.

Mari: “Damn it!”

Savage Pirates: The others rush Harliss, but are almost utterly unable to penetrate her whirling defensive maneuvers. One however slips through, biting her on the leg. Blood trickles down her armor.

Harliss: “Jebidiah? Is that you, lad? You’ve looked better, boy. Here, let me send you on your way.” She retaliates in a flash of steel that leaves another three dead and acidic corpses in the pile growing around her.

Heinrick: “Wow…”

Arien: “Much better than you.”

Barnabas: Barnabas forgoes continuing the song, and attacks the nearby freak.

DM: His blade takes it through the eye, and it reels back. A lesser creature would surely be dead from the blow.

Mari: Mari calls upon her goddess for aid, and the party feels invigorated even as the savage creatures sag and slow.

Heinrick: Heinrick slashes the creature in front of him.

DM: It explodes, throwing acid into the three adventurer’s groins. (1 damage Barn, 3 damage Heinrick) The creature’s dying twitches lash out and strike the three. (8 damage) Their wounds burn, although Heinrick fights it off. Mari and Barnabas are not so lucky, their bites bubble and pus nastily.

Arien: Arien steps back from the beast, aware of their tendency to explode, and discharges his wand at the nearest monster.

DM: The creature easily dodges the entire blast of flames. It lashes out with its blade and fangs at Mari, missing badly.

Harliss: The two savage pirates near Harliss try to overpower the pirate, but her strength has not flagged yet. “Hungry? Have a taste o’ me cold steel, ya stinking carcass!” She whips her blade across both of the creature’s necks, decapitating them. A hurled dagger strikes the pirate threatening Mari in the back, sending it collapsing in an acidic mess.

Javell sheathes her blades and regards you with a cold, appraising eye as she catches her breath. “What manner of driftwood do we have here? Speak up! Your names, lubbers! If only so’s I can cut ‘em inta’ yer chests and save the undertaker some asking ’round.”

Heinrick: “We were going to help you, but it doesn’t seem you needed it, Miss. Heinrick Gilantheril. I don’t suppose I’m lucky enough for one of these corpses to be Vanthus Vanderboren?”

Harliss: The woman spits. “All this ye see here,” the flamboyant woman says as she waves her hand at the slaughtered deformities, “and what nightmares ye must have fought through t’get ta’ me; t’was all Vanthus Vanderboren’s doing!”

Heinrick: “Oh good, you want him dead too; we already have something in common,” Heinrick replies with a slight smile.

Barnabas: “Where is the scum? He has an appointment with the pits of Hades.”

Mari: Mari moves up, unleashing a healing wave on the party. (12 healed) “Captain Javell… do you know what happened?”

Harliss: “That vomitous pig came t’me with his hussy ‘n asked t’see our wares; made like he were a black marketeer lookin’ fer some fur or scale t ‘move. Told him we had a ship coming in today what were full of exotica for him ta’ shop, so he stayed on a few nights. Seemed a fine enough chap, but when they came, his boys dumped a hold full of whale oil into the cove and lit it up. I was on th’ Slippery Eel at the time, and that’s when I caught the two of them on board, fixin’ t’rob me!”

“Can ye imagine that? A pair of base curs tryin’ t’rob Captain Harliss Javell?Anyway, I stuck the fool in the arm with me blade, he yelped, and then as he ducked aside he dropped what he were tryin’ t’rob. Were a black pearl. One th’ size o’a man ‘s fist, mind you! Was going to make some fair coin off that bauble, but as it fell, the thing cracked like an egg. Some o’ Vanthus’s blood from my blade spattered the pearl, and it boiled and flashed with light.”

“After that… things got a bit weird, mind ye. A green mist filled my vision, and I felt strange. like someone else were in my head. Someone… someone hungry! And the rage! Rage like I never felt ’afore! And then, just like that, it were gone. Vanthus were on deck too by then, but he and I were the only humans left. That pearl, it did something to me crew.”

“Ta’ Vanthus’ little girly too! Turned them bad, like something ye might find in a net and throw back on account the sun got no purpose lookin’ upon it. These things!” She kicks one of the deformed pirates in distaste. “Whatever were in that damnable pearl turned over three score men into… into man-eating freaks!”

Heinrick: “Not just men. Every animal we’v’e seen here, too. What’s worse, they spread the curse to anyone they bite.”

Barnabas: “Anyone?”

Arien: “Including you, apparently.” Arien points to the pus-filled bites.

Heinrick: “Arien and I had to kill one of the men we came here with after he was turned. You saw what I looked like, before Slurrozh came to pick up her ‘poppet.’ How did you think I got that way? A powerful priest can slow the disease, if you catch it in time, but even then it’s not a sure thing. And our healer was killed by our own ally who turned.”

Harliss: “Vanthus. He seen what his friend and the rest turned into. He pushed her down n’ dove into th’ water t’get away. I did the same, only I swam for shore. Found me first mate Drevoraz there. He’d resisted the change too, as had some others here and there, yet they were nothin’ but the banquet for those things. We fought our way into th’ caves and managed to hole up here with Captain Kigante, the man who keeps these caves for us.”

“Only, Kigante’s freak food now; he got jumped by a mob of them not twenty minutes ago. Tore him apart like they was sharks! And one more thing. I think they got the sick in their maws. The places they done bit me still burn, and it’s hard to think straight… but hey! You fought yer way in here! That means there ain’t much left of them out there, yeah?”

Heinrick: “Not the way we came in. You said there were about three score? Counting these… that’s pretty close to the number of dead ones.”

Arien: “None that we saw.”

Heinrick: “There’s a couple of chained-up guard beasts who still have it, but other than that… they seem to be cleaned out.” Heinrick suddenly staggers, as his blood is lit on fire, and taints his sight red.

Harliss: Harliss rubs her hand across her brow. “So ye fought yer way through them, huh? Don’t… you,” she says, pointing at Barnabas. “You look… familiar. We know each other, boyo?”

Barnabas: “Huh? I don’t think so.”

Harliss: “Huh… you weren’t with Vanthus? Vanthus! I’ll learn that cur what it is t’ foul my business! I know who he is! Th’ Vanderboren name’s no secret to me. I know he’s got family ‘n holdings in Sasserine! I sent me right hand Drevoraz t’ deal with yer friend, I did.”

“Drevoraz is on his merry way to Sasserine as we speak. He’ll do for Vanthus’ sister, his mum and pop, and any other family or friends the bastard has in that dunghill city. Cross the Crimson Fleet and we take everything in your life from ye. Best not forget that, boyo.”

Heinrick: “NOOO! You… you… you can’t kill Lavinia! She had nothing to do with it! And Vanthus already killed his own damn parents! Hell, killing his sister would be doing him a favor, letting him finally inherit what he didn’t steal from her!”

Barnabas: “The dead can’t inherit nothing.”

Harliss: “Huh. Zatafact, bucko? Well, I’m sorry tha’ he’s off to kill ’er… if you can make it back quick enough, you can have my token,” here she removes one of her six-armed demon earrings, “n’ show it to him. He’ll know tha’ means ye can be trusted. I’ll write ye a note ta give ta ’im.”

Heinrick: “Please… write fast.”

Harliss: Harliss writes out the note. “Ye best hurry… he’s my best man n’ when I tell ‘im ta do somethin’, somethin’ is done quick. I don’t imagine it’ll take him but a week to get ta the city by land, n’ he’s got a head start on ye.”

Heinrick: Heinrick takes the note. “Right. Thanks, and… good luck here, I guess. Barny, get your sister. We’re heading back to the Seablade, and now.” He starts walking for the cave’s entrance. He breaks into a run whenever the passages are straight enough, heading back to the ship.

Arien: Arien does his best to keep up with Heinrick.

DM: And what will they find back at the ship, True Believers? Will they make it to Sasserine in time to save Lavinia from the Crimson Fleet’s revenge? Will they save Brissa Santos from the disease that has ravaged her body, mind and soul? Will they ever catch up with Vanthus? Find out next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!



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