Welcome to Kain Darkwind’s Savage Tide campaign!

What happens when you mix the Savage Tide with Freeport? Oerth with Golarion and Scarn? Dragonstar and Spelljammer with Planescape? Add a dash of Squaresoft, 80-90s sci-fi movies and ‘Dicefreaks’ material? Well, we don’t know either, but we’ll let you know once we figure it out! -Kain Darkwind.

In Kain Darkwind’s world of Terra, the traditional campaign settings of Greyhawk, Pathfinder RPG, and The Scarred Lands collide. At the edges of the world lurks the Dragonstar Campaign, and in alternate universes you can find Spelljammer. Travel the planes in the Planescape Campaign Setting heavily influenced by Dicefreaks ‘make the flavor fit the crunch’ philosophy. The current campaign follows the Steel Wyverns as they navigate The Savage Tides Adventure Path, and are distracted in the city of Sasserine by the Freeport Adventure Series. With pop-culture influenced elements statted Pathfinder-style, there is always a surprise around the next corner… and with a hundred worlds to explore, there’s always an adventure waiting.

A partial list of adventures completed by the players:

There is No Honor
Death in Freeport
Fiend’s Embrace
The Bullywug Gambit
The Sea Wyvern’s Wake
Here there Be Monsters
Tides of Dread
The Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb
Torrents of Dread
The Lightless Depths
The Lost Tomb of Demogorgon
Terror in Freeport
The Prince of Redhand
The Standing Stone
Madness in Freeport

Kain Darkwind's Savage Tide

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