The Fall of Man

“Unfinished meat that you are, you could not possibly comprehend how close your world’s doom lies on the horizon of time. And we have so very much time.”


The Fall of Man is a future event of apocalyptic significance within the Time Line of Terra. Not many details about it are known, but it is likely that it was brought about by Phyrexia.

Some humans did survive at least for some time after the Fall, as evidenced by the creation of the automaton Prometheus in the Farshore Dome. Prometheus was sent backwards in time by Katrina Islaran to seek aid from Scion Heinrick Gilantheril, Huscarl Einar Sigurdsson, and her own past self in battling the Phyrexian threat. However, the survivors’ prospects were likely bleak. According to Katrina at the time of her future recording, her other efforts (whatever they were) had failed; and according to Prometheus, she was dead as of his last encounter with her.

The Fall of Man

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