High Mage Tarmon photo HighMageTarmon.jpg

Tarmon is a Red Dagger, the High Mage of the Witchwardens, and a being of ancient power. He oftentimes seems a lunatic, and confides only in his familiar, Burkhart, a giant toad.

Near the end of the Witchwarden Civil War, Tarmon revealed to the Steel Wyverns that he may have in fact, been more involved with the cult activity for which Lux Seoni ostensibly overthrew him than was initially assumed. Later, he spoke with Katrina Islaran, and appeared to be humanoid but not quite as human as he appears. What this means for the future of the Witchwardens is uncertain.

Tarmon is a Lunarian wizard from a large moon over Terra. He claims to have been ‘playing hookie’ for many years from his duties among his people while hiding on Terra. In his true from he has a glowing face and two antenna growing from his head. His true name is Tar-Mon-Ya.


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