Organizations of note in the campaign (listed by location) include:

The Azure Sea region (excluding Sasserine)

  • The Crimson Fleet is an infamous demonically affiliated pirate fleet, the scourge of the Azure Sea region.
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the Suel nation, and known for its deadly assassins, spies and martial artists. The Brotherhood has established a presence on the Isle of Dread, causing tensions between Brotherhood agents and The Party.
  • The Seventh Coil is a group of Yuan-ti assassins that serve the Crimson Fleet.


  • The Nameless Legion is an interplanar mercenary organization.
  • The Garrote is a powerful interplanar assassin’s guild said to have even slain gods.
  • The Shadow Shoal is a powerful assassin’s guild said to rival the Garrote in skill but not scope.

The Isle of Dread

The Northlands

  • The Jomsvikings are a politically independent mercenary brotherhood.
  • The Shieldmaidens are a religious cult of female warriors.
  • The Snow Queen is an infamous pirate vessel captained by Alfhild and crewed by her Huscarls. The Snow Queen is currently raiding in the Azure Sea region, far from home.



  • The Bleak Academy is a necromantic organization.
  • The Children of Dydd are a group of animals transformed into people by ancient druidic magics.
  • The Emerald Crest is an affiliation of sea-captains and explorers.
  • The Seekers are a loose group of knowledge-seekers, not always savory types.


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