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Amedio Jungle region

  • Chief Lorpth was a bullywug leader slain by the party.
  • The Cuckoo is a mysterious bard with fiendish connections active in the region near Ossington.
  • Echina is a chimera cub.
  • Ehlonna was a dear friend to Queen Morea and skilled ranger.
  • Glenmasis was a dryad queen.
  • Gnarlroot is a treant
  • Henwen was an evil druidess and companion of Ysdon, slain in battle with the party.
  • Little Jack is a vicious quickling member of the Ossington fae
  • Lorb Lorb Tub is a bullywug of immense beauty.
  • Nuada is Queen Morea’s svartalfar butler.
  • Olwain the Fire Warden was a druid-mage active around Ossington in times past.
  • Queen Amethia is a grugach queen that lays claim to the Ossington region.
  • Queen Morea is the fae Queen of Amedio and liege of Amethia.
  • Rainewing is a skilled pixie and member of the Ossington fae.
  • Saithnar the Warlord is an ancient hero and companion of Savith, now undead.
  • Tanasha Lu is a former minion of Ysdon turned ally of the party, and one of the Children of Dydd.
  • Thilvara is a grugach sorceress and subordinate of Yellis.
  • Todd Vanderboren is an assassin from Cauldron.
  • Tully is a former companion of Ysdon and one of the Children of Dydd.
  • Yellis is a grugach arcane archer, the leader of the wild elves in Ossington and vassal of Queen Amethia.
  • Ysdon was a villainous sage and leader of Ossington until his death at the hands of the party.
  • Zarn is a skilled grugach archer and subordinate of Yellis
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