Magic of Terra

Across Terra, there are countless traditions and organizations that have specialized within the working of magic. Below are listed but a few of the many.


Arcana The magic of bards, sorcerers, witches and wizards.
Bardic: Learned magic from ancient performances of power, the bardic tradition was the first workings of humanoid magic.
Sorcery: The harnessing of innate magical power, derived through a bloodline of power.
Witchcraft: The oldest form of major arcana, witchcraft utilizes the spirits of the world to accomplish its subtle, yet potent effects.
Wizardry: The newest and most broad study of arcana, wizardry has a number of branches and sub-branches, including the arcanist, summoner and specialist traditions.

Divine Blessing The divine magic called upon by clerics, inquisitors, paladins and oracles.
Clerical: Servants of a divine being or power, this is the most widespread manifestation of divine power today. A relatively recent development.
Oracular: Those chosen and afflicted with the gift of prophecy, oracular tradition is the oldest branch of divine blessing.
Templar: A refined form of clerical magic, suitable for those hunters, knights and defenders of the faith, the templar magical tradition encompasses several different branches.

Natural The primal magic called upon by druids, shamans and rangers
Druidism: The savage and sacrificial practices of the ancient druids were the first organized religions across the humanoid world.
Shamanism: The earliest beseechers of the divine and spirit worlds,
Woodscraft: The ways of the ranger are ancient and shrouded with mystery.

Psychic The ki and mental energies utilized by monks, ninjas and psions.
Ki: The perfection of body and self is an old and focused art.
Psionics: Unlocking the highest evolution of mental potential, the psion accomplishes with his mind alone the feats that require others an external power.

Scientific The extraordinary nonmagical practices of alchemists and technomancers
Alchemy: The first
Technomancy: The blending of

Magic of Terra

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