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Chapter 1: There is No Honor
Session 1: The Story Begins
Session 2: A Noble in Need
Session 3: Liberating the Nixie
Session 4: Cracking the Vault
Play-by-post: Between Adventures (Part I)
Session 5: Desperate Measures
Session 6: Trapped
Session 7: Hungry are the Dead
Session 8: Temple of the Unspeakable One
Session 9: Escaping Parrot Island
Session 10: The Lap of the Lotus (Part I)
Session 11: The Lap of the Lotus (Part II)
Session 12: The Lap of the Lotus (Part III)
Play-by-post: Between Adventures (Part II)

Chapter 1.5: Fiend’s Embrace
Session 13: The Cold Marshes (Part I)
Play-by-post: Between Adventures (Part III)
Session 14: The Cold Marshes (Part II)

Chapter 2: The Bullywug Gambit

Chapter 3: The Sea Wyvern’s Wake

Chapter 4: Here There Be Monsters

Chapter 5: Tides of Dread

Chapter 5.1: The Lost Citadel of Opar

Chapter 5.2: Torrents of Dread

Chapter 5.3: Terror in Sasserine

Chapter 6: The Lightless Depths

Chapter 6.1: The Lost Temple of Demogorgon

Chapter 6.2: The Sea Lord of Sasserine

Chapter 6.3: The Standing Stone

Chapter 6.4: Madness in Sasserine

Log Index

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