Major regions of interest and locations within them are listed below. Smaller scale locations within a settlement (e.g. a business or a neighborhood) should be linked via a settlement page rather than here.

Regions of Terra

The Amedio Jungle region

The Amedio region is part of The Flanaess

The Darklands

The Darklands are the realms beneath Terra’s surface.

  • Golismorga is an ancient ruined city in the upper reaches of Orv two miles beneath Thanaclan, built by the Aboleth and devastated in war with the Olman of the surface.
  • Nar-Voth is the region of the Darklands closest to the surface world.
  • Orv refers to the most isolated, most mysterious, and deepest regions of the Darklands.
  • Sekamina, the middle regions of the Darklands, is the realm from whence most subterranean tales of adventure and exploration come.

The Flanaess (other)

The Isle of Dread region

The Isle lies far to the south of the Amedio, within the Vohoun Ocean.

The Northlands

  • The Iron Wood is a mysterious frozen forest of grey-barked pine.
  • Issedon, once a powerful human city defended against the North Wind by prismatic mages and potent dwarven rune magic, is now an undeath-haunted ruin buried beneath an immense glacier.
  • Kolmsgate was a major walled port city. Einar and the Snow Queen were involved in its sack.
  • Geirvirke is a small settlement and the childhood home of Einar Sigurdsson.
  • Gulveig’s Tears refers to desolate, windswept shingle beaches on the shores of Thule, where gold-rich, frigid streams run down to the sea.
  • Rhos Kurgan is a land of vast steppes to the east of the M├Žsir realms.
  • Volderholm is an economically and militarily powerful kingdom ruled by Kanulf Drakkensfyr from the city of the same name.

Planets, celestial bodies, and locations therein

Aballon is the closest planet to Aeon.
Aeon is Terra’s sun.
The Dragon Empire is an interstellar empire ruled by dragons.
Terra is the party’s home planet.


Other locations, miscellaneous links, and unsorted articles

Other Worlds (not to be confused with Alternate Worlds)

  • Hell is the black, beating heart of Law and Evil in the multiverse.
  • The Abyss is the endless (and, it is whispered, sentient) parade of horrors that embodies Chaos and Evil in the multiverse.
  • Inshabiv is a mortal world locked in a life and death struggle with Phyrexia.
  • Phyrexia is a hostile extraplanar reality associated with Hell.
  • The Isle of the Ape is a demiplane created by Zagyg.
  • Union is an extraplanar mercantile metropolis.


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