All months have 28 days.

Avistan   Flaness       Elven           Nomad           Season (equatorial)  Season (conventional)
Abadius   Fireseek 	Diamondice 	Tiger		Winter               Winter
Calistril Readying 	Yellowillow 	Bear 		Spring               Winter
Pharast   Coldeven 	Snowflowers 	Lion 		Spring               Spring
Gozran    Planting 	Blossoms 	Frog 		Low Summer           Spring
Desnus    Flocktime 	Violets 	Turtle 		Low Summer           Spring
Sarenith  Wealsun 	Berrytime 	Fox 		Low Summer           Summer
Erastus   Reaping 	Goldfields 	Snake	 	High Summer          Summer
Arodus    Goodmonth 	Sunflowers 	Boar 		High Summer          Summer
Rova      Harvester 	Fruitfall 	Squirrel 	High Summer          Autumn
Lamashan  Patchwall 	Brightleaf 	Hare 		Autumn               Autumn
Neth      Ready'reat 	Tinklingice 	Hawk 		Autumn               Autumn
Kuthona   Sunsebb 	Lacysnows 	Wolf 		Winter               Winter

Dark Month*

Needfest (last week of Kuthona)
Growfest (last week of Pharast)
Richfest (Midsummer, last week of Sarenith)
Brewfest (last week of Rova)

*The dark month is not a real span of time. Rather, it is a place holder hypothesis to try and explain scientifically how the journey around the sun takes 364 days, when the calendar only holds 336. The days pass from Kuthona 28 to Abadius 1 seamlessly. Almost no one on Terra is aware of this issue.

Days of the Week (Avistan)
Day Purpose

Moonday Work, religion [night]
Toilday Work
Wealday Work
Oathday Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday Work
Starday Work
Sunday Rest, religion

Days of the Week (Flanaess)
Day Purpose

Moonday Work
Godsday Work, religion [night]
Waterday Work
Earthday Work
Freeday Rest
Starday Work
Sunday Work


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