Battle of Lake Njalsvaar

“I can tell the story well, for I was there with my brother Halldórr for the length of that battle, from the beginning even before Alfhild had come, to the end, when there was not a living troll to be seen anywhere, but men’s bodies lay in rows like cut wheat, where our shield-walls had stood. And it is a good story, of the largest battle that’s likely to be fought in the North within this twenty years, unless perhaps Thorvald Wulfgrimsson and King Kanulf go to war.”

-Einar Sigurdsson

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The Battle of Lake Njalsvaar was a battle fought between an alliance of Mæsir chieftains and the Ice Trolls under their warlord Karkath in CY 591. It has quickly passed into Northern legend thanks in part to its role in beginning the career of the infamous pirate Alfhild. Einar Sigurdsson and his younger brother Halldórr were present at the battle and fought on the side of the Mæsir.

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The trolls were able to surround the Northmen and slew many of them, including Halldórr as well as Jarl Wulfgrim Skjalsgaard. At this dark moment, however, Wulfgrim’s daughter Alfhild arrived with a large force of Shieldmaidens, launching a devastating surprise attack and ultimately slaying Karkath. According to Einar, the troll losses were so great that the remnants have ever since feared to leave their lairs, and have been unable to muster any renewed threat to the men of the North.

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After the battle the legendary shipwright Hrolf Kinnarson gave the handcrafted vessel that had been his life’s work to Alfhild, and twelve warriors who had fought at the battle (including Einar) swore brotherhood with Alfhild and one another, embarking on a career of raiding under her leadership.

Battle of Lake Njalsvaar

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