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  • Keldon

    _"Each man who died there had the choice between living such that even his friends would think him a coward, or dying such that even his enemies would remember his courage."_ -[[Einar Sigurdsson]] < …

  • Ossington

    Ossington NE Village Corruption +3; Crime -7; Economy -5; Law +0; Lore +0; Society -5 Qualities Hunted, Impoverished, Insular, Superstitious Danger +20 +Demographics+

  • Kolmsgate

    _Einar smiles faintly when nobody is looking, reminded for a fleeting moment of the sack of Kolmsgate, and of walking through a lord's palace there under very different circumstances._ -[[Einar Sigurdsson]]


    _A thing came marvelously moving over the waves, comely from the keel up. It called out to the land, loudly resounding. Its laughter was horrible, awful in its place. Its edges were sharp; hateful it was, and sluggish to battle, …

  • Opar

    !https://i.imgur.com/QjHRPRg.jpg! Opar was, in the legends of the [[Olman]] tribes of the [[Isle of Dread]], the last redoubt of the gods, where they retreated after the fall of the [[Olman Empire]] and from whence they finally departed the world. It …

  • Red Horse Hill

    Red Horse Hill is one of several ancient monuments located in the [[Amedio Jungle]] in the vicinity of [[Ossington]]. The hill is distinguished by the massive red geoglyph that lends it its name; possibly it does depict a stylized horse, but more likely …

  • Yohu Ayan

    Yohu Ayan is a ruined Olman citadel, since fallen into a crevice in the ground. [[The B-Team]] spent most of their early adventures exploring it.

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