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  • Zahariel

    !http://i.imgur.com/ZmFlRi7.jpg?1! Zahariel is an [[Authority]], an [[Angel]] of midling rank tasked with opposing the forces of Hell. He and his consort [[Esme]] were called by [[:katrina-islaran | Lady Katrina Islaran]] during the [[Madness in …

  • Esme

    !https://i.imgur.com/jJJApkp.jpg! Esme is an [[Authority]], an [[Angel]] of middling power that serve in the fight against the forces of [[Hell]]. She was conjured by [[:katrina-islaran | Lady Katrina Islaran]] along with her companion [[Zahariel]] …

  • Chadarnook

    !https://i.imgur.com/LNKikSW.jpg! Chadarnook was a powerful entity trapped within a painting. It turned out to be a demon and angel that fell in love and were banished. During the [[Witchwarden Civil War]], many captured wardens were placed within …

  • Sunan

    Sunan is a solar angel and attendant to [[Regialia Tonn]] of [[Ecstasy]]. He knew of [[Katrina Islaran]], claiming she was "in the book".

  • Mehry

    Mehry is a female solar angel and attendant to [[Regialia Tonn]] of [[Ecstasy]]. She is among the most calm and patient of the three solars.

  • Lady Isolde

    !https://i.imgur.com/HeBi06n.gif! Lady Isolde is a powerful azata hospitaller that was conjured by Lady [[Katrina Islaran]] to regenerate [[Kal]]'s lost arm. She did so in exchange for a donation to various hospitals and clinics around Sasserine and a …

  • Tal

    Tal is a planetar general with metallic wings. He represented the forces of Heaven during the Celestial Convergence in [[Sasserine]]. Long ago, during the [[Age of Darkness]], a church dedicated to Tal's worship existed. They were known for their …

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