Wave Hammer

A stout sailing ship aimed at piracy


The Wave Hammer
Caravel (Sailing Ship)

AC 2; combat 18
(-8 size)
Hp 900; hardness 5
Saves +6
Max Speed 60 ft. (sails); 180 ft. (current)
Arms 2 ballista (3d8 + 8 /19-20)
Ram (8d8)
Combat +8
Space 30 ft. × 90 ft.
Crew 20/50+120
Hold 150 tons

Captain – Maribesana
First Mate – Einar Sigurdsson
Bosun – The bosun is from Sasserine.
Quartermaster – The quartermaster is from Sasserine.
Navigator – The navigator is from Sasserine.
Master at Arms – The master at arms is an Olman warrior.
Master Gunner – The master gunner is from Sasserine.
Gunner’s Mate – The gunner’s mate is a Suel recruit.
Cook – The cook is from Sasserine.
Carpenter/Doctor – The new ship’s carpenter is a freed slave.
Able Bodied Sailors – The Wavehammer boasts 42 able sailors.

Notes The ballista upon the Wave Hammer are based on Huge heavy crossbow modified to utilize a 26 Str score.


The Wave Hammer is quickly becoming a threat in the seas around the Sea Princes’ Hold.

Wave Hammer

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