The Jade Serpent

A powerful artifact of the snake-god Yig.


Attuning the Jade Serpent

Initial attunement to the Jade Serpent requires a successful DC 25 Spellcraft check. The following modifiers apply to the check.

Attunement Modifiers – Modifier Condition
+5 The user is a civilized serpent person of Yig
+3 The user sacrificed his or her blood to Yig.
+2 The user is a cleric of Yig

Level 1 Attunement

Once attuned, the player gains access to the following minor powers.

  • 3/day—cure light wounds.
  • 2/day—summon nature’s ally I (snakes only)
  • User gains immunity to all poisons while wearing the Jade Serpent.

Level 2 Attunement

If the player spends at least one month meditating at least four hours a day over the Jade Serpent, she can make another attempt to become further attuned to the idol. The materials required for proper mediation cost the player 1,000 gp of incense and magical herbs. A successful DC 30 Spellcraft check grants the player access to the following major powers of the idol.

  • 5/day—create food and water.
  • 3/day—cure moderate wounds.
  • 3/day—neutralize poison.
  • 2/day—summon nature’s ally III (snakes only)
  • 2/day—remove fear (affects all allies who can see the Crown.)

Level 3 Attunement

The next level of attunement to the Jade Serpent requires the player to spend at least 5,000 gp of supplies and two months of daily meditation. No other strenuous activities can be performed while the player is meditating on the Serpent. At the end of the two months of preparation a successful DC 35 Spellcraft check gives the player full access to all the powers of the Jade Serpent. The greatest powers of the idol follow.

  • 1/day—horrid wilting. When this power is used against worshippers of any Old Ones, the effect is empowered.
  • 1/day—greater restoration.

The Consequences of Power

The great powers of the Jade Serpent do not come without a price. Anyone who becomes attuned to the Serpent will begin to transform, over time, into a serpent person. The danger is minimal at first, but gradually increases with the level of attunement the player attains. Once each month, a player who uses the Jade Serpent must make a Will save against a DC based on the level of attunement the player has attained.

Transformation Resistance

Level 1 DC 20
Level 2 DC 25
Level 3 DC 30

If she fails, the transformation begins and lasts a full month. A tail sprouts out of her back, her teeth grow into fangs, and finally her skin becomes scaly as she transforms into a serpent person. If the player stops using the Jade Serpent immediately upon failing a Will save the transformation reverses but she can never use the Jade Serpent again. Once the transformation is completed, it can only be reversed with the destruction of the Jade Serpent or by a wish or miracle spell.


The Jade Serpent

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