The Deck of Many Things

A Destiny Altering Artifact of Chance and Wonder


Deck of Many Things
Aura strong (all schools); CL 20th
A deck of many things is usually found in a box or leather pouch. Each deck contains a number of cards or plaques made of ivory or vellum. Each is engraved with glyphs, characters, and sigils. As soon as one of these cards is drawn from the pack, its magic is bestowed upon the person who drew it, for better or worse.
The character with a deck of many things who wishes to draw a card must announce how many cards she will draw before she begins. Cards must be drawn within 1 hour of each other, and a character can never draw from this deck any more cards than she has announced. If the character does not willingly draw her allotted number (or if she is somehow prevented from doing so), the cards flip out of the deck on their own. If the Idiot or Jester is drawn, the possessor of the deck may elect to draw additional cards.
Each time a card is taken from the deck, it is replaced (making it possible to draw the same card twice) unless the draw is the Jester or the Fool, in which case the card is discarded from the pack. A deck of many things contains 22 cards.
A deck of many things can be destroyed by losing it in a wager with a deity of law. The deity must be unaware of the nature of the deck.

Balance photo DeckofManyThings-Balance_zps6e446029.jpg

Comet photo DeckofManyThings-Comet_zps1e329d5c.jpg

Donjon photo DeckofManyThings-Donjon_zps07501e73.jpg

Euryale photo DeckofManyThings-Euryale_zps59bf1874.jpg

Fates photo DeckofManyThings-Fates_zps852a7083.jpg

Flames photo DeckofManyThings-Flames_zps32f2bf3b.jpg

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Idiot photo DeckofManyThings-Idiot_zps7f5b2be0.jpg

Jester photo DeckofManyThings-Jester_zpsd32f38ef.jpg

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Knight photo DeckofManyThings-Knight_zps3a91ccf8.jpg

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Rogue photo DeckofManyThings-Rogue_zpsbd33fbfc.jpg

Ruin photo DeckofManyThings-Ruin_zps092f0c91.jpg

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Sun photo DeckofManyThings-Sun_zps55051327.jpg

Talons photo DeckofManyThings-Talons_zps95610a1e.jpg

Throne photo DeckofManyThings-Throne_zps004aafac.jpg

Vizier photo DeckofManyThings-Vizier_zps2b8fed59.jpg

The Void photo DeckofManyThings-TheVoid_zps00a1802c.jpg


Once a person draws from the deck of many things, her life is changed irrevocably, for better or worse. Composed of 22 distinctive cards, the deck of many things is no ordinary collection of playing cards. Instead, each card instantaneously delivers a life-altering consequence ranging from an increase in an ability score to the disappearance of all her possessions, the granting of a small kingdom to the loss of her soul itself.

The deck has three simple but immutable rules that define its game: One, the bearer must announce how many cards she will draw before she begins; two, the bearer must draw all cards (including any additional cards resulting from the Fool, Idiot, or Jester) within an hour of one another; and three, after that draw is completed, the bearer can never again draw from that particular deck. The cards impart an instant understanding of these rules to anyone who holds the deck.

The Deck of Many Things

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