The Black Shield

A scale from the legendary Night Serpent.


A single scale from a Primordial Power, The Night Serpent. The Black Shield functions as a +1 Mithril Heavy Shield with no Arcane Spell Failure Chance and an additional +4 untyped bonus to AC and Reflex. It also acts as a foci which substitutes for any required spell components valued at fifty gold or less and gives the wielder a +5 bonus to Stealth. In bright light or absolute darkness the wielder suffers a -2 penalty to attacks, saves, and checks.

Black Shield (Caster level 20th) 3/day – Summon 2d4 Shadows that are immune to turning and serve as Summon Monster V. 3/day – Become a living shadow with the movement powers of Gaseous Form. 3/day – Project a Shadow Bolt Ray dealing 10d6 cold damage with 100ft range. 1/month – Summon an Advanced Shadow Demon that serves the wielder as Summon Monster IX.


While Rath Baelstrum was stranded deep in the Plane of Shadow he was guided to recover a scale from the primordial power; The Night Serpent. With the power of the scale he was able to face Lord Bonewrack and though defeated he was shielded from death and cast back into the Prime.

The Black Shield

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