Thanaclan's Justice

Ancient macahuitl

weapon (melee)

Thanaclan’s Justice is a +3 macahuitl. In Einar’s hands it frequently enjoys the frost and holy properties as well.


The Steel Wyverns recovered this ancient Olman weapon from the depths of Opar and it is now wielded by Einar Sigurdsson.

Thanaclan’s Justice has claimed the lives of many since Einar took it up, including, besides lesser foes:

King Ulioth, Chosen of Demogorgon
Rakis-Ka, the Lord of Devourers

It was also wielded in battle (but did not strike the killing stroke) against:

the King of the Hanging Forest
the Neh-Thalggu Scion
Telmon Lifebane, Duke of Thassilon
Three-Sheets Kimbal
the Bilewretch of Holashner

Thanaclan's Justice

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