A Northern blade.

weapon (melee)

Stjórnusleif is a +2 cold iron longsword.


The sword Stjórnusleif was a battle-prize taken from the lair of a defeated troll; the blade is straight, double-edged and cool to the touch even in a hot environment. The hilt is wrapped in leather held in place with nails of white gold; the pommel is silver and steel, shaped as a small eagle. The sword’s name is engraved in small runes across the eagle’s back.

Einar wielded Stjórnusleif throughout his career raiding alongside Alfhild, as well as in the Battle of Farshore against the Crimson Fleet, and against many other foes of the Steel Wyverns. The sword’s most famous moment yet, though, is doubtless when Einar and his companions overcame the Mad God, Temauhti-Tecuani, and Stjórnusleif brought an end to the mighty razortooth’s life.

Einar has currently exchanged blades with Nara, wielding the bounty hunter’s futuristic blade Blitzen while she bears Stjórnusleif.

Besides the Mad God, other notable enemies who met their end on Stjórnusleif’s point include:

V’Sesslin the serpentine sorceress of the Crimson Fleet
the Demon of Imix
the Emerald Anaconda

The sword tasted the blood of other mighty foes, though it did not claim their lives:

Vanthus Vanderboren
The Blood Kraken


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