Sea Wyvern

The Steel Wyverns' flagship


The Sea Wyvern
Caravel (Sailing Ship)

AC 2; combat 18
(-8 size)
Hp 900; hardness 5
Saves +6
Max Speed 70 ft. (muscle); 210 ft. (sails/current)
Arms 2 ballista (3d8 /19-20)
Ram (8d8)
Combat +8
Space 20 ft. × 60 ft.
Crew 7/50+110
Hold 120 tons
Notes The Sea Wyvern is a modified caravel, with a slightly smaller hold than the typical sailing ship, but allows for a much smaller minimum crew than typical to man it.

Captain – Amella Venkalie
First Mate – Jaxr
Bosun – Mera
Quartermaster – Yestl
Navigator – Graydan Stoneguide
Master at Arms – Mera
Master Gunner – Jaxr
Gunner’s Mate – Emira Brighton
Cook – Unfilled
Carpenter/Doctor – Olart Grimtirk
Able Bodied Sailors – 10 shipmates


The Sea Wyvern: Scourge of the Seven Seas!

This impressive vessel has sails decorated with stylized figures of a wyvern; its tail raised over its back as though ready to strike its enemies. Even its figurehead carries the motif; a powerful wyvern, its wings unfurled, crouches at the prow. The ship has seen plenty of action; her hull is scarred in many places by scratches and dents; and a single huge claw mark rakes across the starboard, deliberately left as a scar of battle. The ship’s wheel is designed to represent a dozen headed wyvern.

The Sea Wyvern has made the Scuttlecove run in less than 12 weeks, although it was crewed by a different captain then.

Sea Wyvern

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