Oracur's Pride

The only sword for Heinrick

weapon (melee)

Oracur’s Pride is a +3 cold iron greatsword of supreme cleaving, allowing Heinrick to take a 5-ft. step between Cleave attacks, possesses a non-magical +1 enhancement bonus (does not stack with magic), and deals triple damage (rather than double) when Heinrick rolls a natural 20 and confirms the critical hit.

In addition, the sword is particularly receptive to certain types of magical enhancement. Any weapon special ability related to raw force, bloodlust, and heedless courage (as determined by the GM) costs 10% less gold to apply to Oracur’s Pride. Examples include furious, impact, wounding, vicious, etc. Conversely, abilities that use restraint or defense, such as merciful, cost 10% more.

After he recovered the blade due to the machinations of The Cuckoo, Heinrick found that he was able to move farther than before between cleave attempts. So long as Heinrick continues successfully striking his foes, he is able to take a 5 ft. step and attack if the step places him within reach of a foe, as a full round action.


Johann Schultz is a world-renowned weaponsmith, the greatest of his generation and possibly of the modern age. He is also the father of Heinrick’s mother, Ingrid. Johann came out of retirement to forge one last masterwork, a going-away gift for the start of his grandson’s adventuring career. It was nothing terribly fancy, just a very well made zweihander that fit Heinrick like an extension of his arm. Of course, the blade has changed as much as its wielder in the course of his journeys.

During the long voyage to Farshore, the crew of the Sea Wyvern were accosted by a belligerent flying man calling himself Kelvartz, who demanded a duel with the ship’s warriors. When Heinrick and Brother Quintal agreed to fight him, he used his oversized adamantine sword to shatter Johann’s last sword. Heinrick flew into a rage, and the two forced Kelvartz into his true form; a red dragon. The dragon quickly flew off, abandoning the battle and his sword.

Heinrick wielded the adamantine dragonblade for a time (after growing accustomed to the uncouth balance required by its preposterous size), while searching for a weaponsmith capable of repairing his grandfather’s gift. Finally, he found the man, in a most unexpected place. Tureg Irontooth, brother to an old friend of Katrina Islaran’s, was a prodigy of the forge, perhaps Johann’s equal… and an orc. His prejudices against the greenskin kind having been eroded significantly already, Heinrick showed Tureg the pieces of his sword, and Irontooth knew that he could reforge them into a true masterwork.

After discussing several ways in which the sword might be reforged (as a shield against evil, or a specialized tool of dragon-killing to avenge its breaking), Heinrick decided to let Tureg weave his own proud heritage into the steel. The result was a weapon named for the ancient High Orc empire, and ideally suited to a wielder of great physical brawn; a quality that Heinrick and orc-kind share.

Recently, sword was stolen by the infamous murderer, Warduke, in a battle from which Heinrick and some of the other Steel Wyverns barely escaped alive. At a later encounter, he asked the evil warrior if he still had the sword, and informed him of its pedigree; Warduke replied only that he should have asked for more money when he sold it. Heinrick is determined to find and recover his beloved blade.

Oracur's Pride

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