Manual of the Planes

A compilation of information about the Otherworld


Consulting the Manual of Planes when making a Knowledge (Planes) check or Knowledge check that deals with the planes requires one minute, and provides a +5 circumstance bonus on the check.

Possessing and frequent perusing of the Manual provides a general +2 circumstance bonus on such checks, even when not being specifically referenced.

The Manual counts as a library for the purpose of researching planar knowledge for those not trained in the skill.


This tome was given to Katrina Islaran by Warnes Starcoat, to aid her in understanding the mysteries of the Otherworld. The tome has been passed on numerous times by Warnes, to young adventuring mages that he has taken a liking to. It previously belonged to Regialia Tonn for a time (before she returned it to Warnes), and several footnotes of her making are inset along the text. Jallarzi Sallavarian owned it for a time previous to that.

Manual of the Planes

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