Fiend's Embrace

A clearly evil cloak that the party has refrained from destroying because reasons.


According to Slurrozh this cloak was crafted from the skin of a Pit Fiend; subsequent investigation has revealed that it may still host the malevolent intelligence of its source. It was recovered by Heinrick Gilantheril and several other adventurers. Subsequently the cloak seems to have been responsible for corrupting the powerful Sasserine mage Arakk Beedle as well as the less than powerful Aporcus Beedle.

Arien originally brought the cloak to the attention of Lux Seoni and Kenzil, who greeted the news of its resurfacing with grave alarm and promised to keep a watch on it. The cloak subsequently surfaced in the Witchwardens’ Tower itself in the hands of Aporcus, but on this occasion Lux assured Katrina Islaran that the cloak was innocent and could not possibly have had any corrupting influence on anyone. The eminently trustworthy High Warden entrusted Katrina with the cloak, which later led indirectly to Katrina and Heinrick’s souls being imprisoned in the infernal realm of Phyrexia in the aftermath of Arakk’s attempt to retrieve it (an attempt that also revealed that Aporcus’s soul had been dragged to the Pit and transformed into a tormented lemure devil).

In what was doubtless no more than a crazy coincidence, the Steel Wyverns later discovered that Lux herself was a corrupted Phyrexian puppet.

By this time, however, yet another mage, Kyle Drake, had already absconded with the cloak. Drake’s current status is unknown, although prior to his disappearance Einar Sigurdsson had come to suspect that the cloak was… wait for it… corrupting Drake.

However, there is nothing to suggest that there is anything wrong with the cloak itself merely because every mage who has come into any contact with it has subsequently been overcome by some clearly unrelated Hellish influence. It is eminently obvious that neither the corruption of Lux, Kenzil, Aporcus and Arakk, nor the infernal soul-imprisonment of Aporcus and Katrina had anything to do with the cloak itself; they all clearly arose from other sources and the cloak’s presence was coincidental. Similarly, no doubt Kyle Drake is currently living a life of freedom and joy.

In other words, there is nothing to see here, meatsack. Carry on.


Fiend's Embrace

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