Bilious Sphere of Demogorgon

The corrupted copy of the Orb of Sol


Mounted upon a haft, the Bilious Sphere can be wielded in combat as a +5 acidic burst bludgeoning weapon that deals 1d10 damage with a x3 critical modifier.

3/day, the Sphere can increase the acid damage dealt on a successful hit to 10d6 (10d10 on a critical hit).

3/day – [i]acid fog[/i], [i]meteor swarm[/i] (acid damage) (DC 29), [i]stinking cloud[/i] (DC 23) Caster level 25th

The air within 500 feet of the Sphere is non-breathable. Those who do breathe in the noxious fumes must make a Fortitude save (DC 32) or become poisoned. (Inhaled, DC 32, 1d6 Con, 10 rounds, cure 3 successive saves)

A wielder of the Sphere favored by Demogorgon gains immunity to acid and a +6 enhancement bonus to his ability scores. Any penetrable damage reduction is increased by 20/epic.


The Bilious Sphere is the corrupted shadow of the Orb of Sol. In CY 202, thirteen of Lord Kargoth’s fellow Knight Protectors aided him in a raid on a small temple of Lothan near Rel Deven. This temple was the secret hiding place of the legendary Orb of Sol, a holy artifact of great symbolic importance to the Aerdi people.

They slaughtered the temple’s defenders and pierced its inner sanctum. Upon locating the Orb, Kargoth completed the dark pact he had made with Demogorgon, which burned the thirteen alive and twisted the shadow of the Orb into the Bilious Sphere. Its creation also released one of Demogorgon’s spawn, a massive draconic fiend named Arendagrost, Maw of the Abyss.

Bilious Sphere of Demogorgon

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