Kain Darkwind's Savage Tide

The Sea Wyvern's Wake XXII

The Rage

DM When last we left our heroes, they had come upon a wreck a few hundred meters away from their own beleaguered Sea Wyvern. The Rage lies ominously quiet, leaning to the side. What does fate have in store for our heroes, True Believers? Read on and find out!

An Eerie Calm

One mast has snapped at the base, forming a slippery vine covered ladder up to the deck.

Katrina “I know the common courtesy is ladies first, Heinrick, but I trust you’ll understand if I decline in this case?” Katrina jokes as they approach the wreck.

Heinrick “Sure thing.” Heinrick puts a hand on the vines, tugging to test their strength before putting his weight on them.

DM The vines give way, but the mast seems sturdy enough.

Heinrick Heinrick climbs up the mast.

DM Heinrick nimbly runs across the slippery vines, swiftly making it to the top of the deck.

Katrina “How’s it look?” Kat calls up.

DM The timbers of the Rage’s deck are rotting and squelch nastily underfoot as you board. Ship beams have been ruptured by the vines, which cling to every surface. A swath of dried blood is smeared ominously across the deck, as if someone had been dragged after suffering horrific wounds.

Heinrick “The vines are breaking it up, but the deck should hold. There’s a bloodstain, but hard to tell how old it is.”

Katrina Kat carefully scampers up the mast after Heinrick.

Heinrick He offers her a hand the last few feet, without taking his attention off the deck.

DM She slips halfway, tumbling back onto the sargasso’s spongy surface.

Katrina “Ow.”

DM The fronds swirl around her, as if trying to hold her down.

Katrina She attempts to climb to her feet.

Heinrick “Hang on.” Heinrick moves back down to help her up.

DM She stands up easily… the frond’s ‘attack’ must have been the work of an overactive imagination.

Heinrick Still, Heinrick gives her a hand going back up the mast.

Katrina She brushes herself off. “Well, that was embarrassing.” She starts to climb back up again with Heinrick’s assistance.

DM The two make it without further mishap to the deck. It is wreathed in slippery seaweed and swaths of what appear to be thick green mucus. Although almost everything has been smashed, the remains of three dozen burnt torches and an upturned cauldron that seems to have recently been filled with oil are still visible. A rapier blade snapped off at the hilt lies embedded in the deck wall. Some hastily stacked boxes appear to have been assembled as a makeshift fortification.

Heinrick “There was a battle here, no question. Looks like those children Amella told us about are real. I have a feeling we’ll find out which side won…”

Katrina Kat looks around for any indication that the ship suffered a fire. “Maybe. It’s entirely possible that they were attacked by another ship.”

Heinrick “We’re not that lucky.”

Katrina “Or rather the crew of another ship. Stuck out here long enough, you run out of supplies, get desperate. Raid the new ship that gets caught.”

DM Kat scrapes away some of the vines, sure enough, underneath the wood is charred.

Heinrick “Hmm. Either way, I’d bet you money that whatever did it is still around, and still

Katrina “Check here.” She motions to the burned wood. “You really think plant monsters would work to put out a fire on the ship? Yet obviously something did – the ship isn’t burned to the water line.”

Heinrick “Maybe they don’t like their meat cooked? Or maybe something else put it out, or the fire started some other way.”

Katrina “Possible, I’m not ruling out plant monsters just yet – I’ve seen enough not to doubt their existence somewhere and this is as good a place as any for them – but the most likely answer is usually the least complicated.”

Heinrick Heinrick shrugs. “Either way, we won’t learn anything just standing around. Doesn’t look like there’s anything left up here, so we’ll need to go below.”

Katrina “Why can’t anyone ever make things easy,” Kat laments with a trace of humor.

Heinrick “Where would the fun in that be…” Heinrick heads for the hatch below, keeping a
hand near his sword.

Katrina “Feel free to lead on.”

Heinrick He stops for a moment before going down, pausing to pull a potion from his pack and drink it.

Katrina Kat catches him as he pauses.

Heinrick Heinrick looks back at her. “Yeah?”

Katrina “Hold on a second. Just because you’ve got elf eyes that can see in the dark doesn’t mean I can.” She casts light on several articles of his clothing and his sword, then draws her rapier and casts light on it. “There we go. Onward, Lamp.”

Heinrick “Gee, thanks for making me the most obvious target,” he says with a sardonic grin. He draws his sword, and heads down.

Katrina “You wouldn’t want them to go after me, would you?” Kat asks innocently as she follows him down.

DM The doors from the deck above have been barred with timbers, but to no avail, as they lay smashed herein along with a broken ballista. Although once the ship had even lower decks, they have been completely filled with weed and hold nothing of interest. Only the captain’s cabin ahead lies unconquered by the choking vines.

Heinrick Heinrick slowly moves towards it, eyes peeled.

Katrina Kat follows, looking around carefully.

DM Beyond the crew room lies the captain’s cabin. A large hole is in the floor, through which the green of the sargasso can be seen.

Katrina “Heinrick, hold on a second.”

Heinrick Heinrick steps around the hole, testing each patch of deck before trusting it with his weight. He stops when Katrina speaks.

DM The floorboards twist and buckle, sending the journal into the sargasso five feet below. The water begins to lap at the book.

Katrina “Damn everything!” Kat mutters as the journal falls.

Heinrick “Shit. Hang on, I’ll get it. If you have a fly spell, now’s the time.”

Katrina “Faster would be better. Ink and water don’t get along.”

Heinrick “I’m going.” He sheathes his sword, and climbs down.

DM As he lands on the spongy surface, a vine lashes out towards him. The water continues to lap at the journal.

Katrina Kat notices the vine and two beams of flame leap from her hand at the vine. She calls out to Heinrick, “Heinrick, get the journal and get out! There’s something alive in there!”

Vines One of the vines bursts entirely into flames as her magic lances out. The other two lash at the half elf invading their territory. One fails to connect, but the other bites painfully into his neck. (12 damage) The bulky warrior manages to keep it from wrapping completely around him however.

Heinrick “Gah! Things have a bite!”

DM The water continues to lap at the book.

Katrina Magical missiles streak from Kat’s good hand into the vine that hit Heinrick. “Just get the book and get out.”

DM The missile burst upon the massive vine, causing sap to leak from the wounds. It shakes back and forth, injured but not destroyed.

Heinrick Heinrick drops to the ‘ground’ and dashes over to the book, relying on armor and reflexes to protect him from the vines.

Vines Once again Heinrick is subjected to a thorny lash, this time wrapping around his torso. (8 damage) It holds him fast, squeezing him painfully.

Heinrick The warrior struggles to break free of the vine’s grasp.

Vines He cannot break the vine’s stranglehold on him. The vine squeezes him tighter, crushing the air from his lungs. (13 damage) The other lashes at Kat from her place up on the deck, but misses catching the agile woman off guard.

Katrina “Dammit,” Kat curses. Trusting Heinrick to took after himself for a moment she uses her magic to pluck the journal from the pit.

DM The book drips as she brings it from the water, depositing it in her hand.

Heinrick Heinrick continues to wrench against the vine’s grip.

DM His efforts are to no avail.

Vines The creature continues to try to crush Heinrick’s life, but the warrior flexes against the grip this time, preventing further damage to him. The second creature lashes at Katrina, tearing at her thigh (13 damage), but it fails to establish a grip on her.

Katrina Kat, having secured the book, returns to blasting the creature holding Heinrick. Another set of magic missiles fly into the monster.

DM Both creatures are now wounded, the black sap staining the sargasso floor.

Heinrick Giving up trying to break free the hard way, Heinrick digs a hand into the vine’s wound and tries to rip out something important.

DM His hand is slashed by the thorns as he attempts. Angered, he grabs the vine in his hands and nearly tears it in half.

Vine The vine remains wrapped tightly around him and lashes out. Tightening around his chest and stomach, the thorns bite savagely deep into his skin. (16 damage)

Heinrick Heinrick lets a grunt of pain escape as his breath is squeezed out.

Katrina Kat sends a searing dart of acid at the vine.

Vines Katrina is knocked off her feet as the creature’s attacks entangle her legs. (8 damage) It drags her towards it.

DM The acid eats away at the damaged creature entangling Heinrick, and it falls limply into the water.

Heinrick With a growl of anger, Heinrick draws his blade and slashes at the vine holding Kat.

DM He cuts it neatly in half, the two pieces dropping onto the sargasso floor bed.

Katrina Kat wiggles free of the slimy vines and climbs to her feet. “You ok?” she calls down to Heinrick.

Heinrick “I’ll live. You? And that spell better be something you can only do once a day, or something.”

Katrina “Cuts and bruises.” She begins dabbing the journal on her shirt to dry it of any water. “Sort of. I can either do it once per day, or any other spell I know.”

Heinrick “Handy. Kinda wish you’d done it before I almost became plant food, but good to know.” He climbs back up.

Katrina “Figured you’d prefer a fireball if we ran into other plants. I’d give you a hand up, but…” She gestures to their difference in size. “I’d probably end up getting pulled in with you.”

Heinrick “S’all right.” Heinrick clambers up, gets out another potion and drinks it. “I’m actually starting to run low on those.”

Katrina “Hopefully Mari can patch you up better when we get back to the ship. Forgive me for doubting your plant monster theory.”

Heinrick He drains another one before answering. “Well, the stranded cannibal thing was nice, too. You got the book, right?”

Katrina “I never said anything about cannibals… but now that you mention it, yummm. Heinrick. Tastes like chicken.” She holds up the book to show him. “If it’s all the same, I’d rather return to the ship before sitting down to check it out.”

Heinrick “Sure. Let’s make sure there’s nothing else around here, though… any magic you can see?”

Katrina “Hum…” She pauses to cast the spell and sweep over the cabin, then the muck filled other room.

DM Nothing magical lies anywhere in the ship.

Katrina “No magic. Not much of anything. Where’d all the bodies go, I wonder…”

Heinrick “All right. Let’s go, then. I’m more worried about adding two more to the total.”

Katrina “I suppose the question is rather academic compared to that concern…” She follows him back to the deck and towards the Sea Wyvern.

Heinrick Heinrick leads the way, keeping his sword out, and a hand near his potion belt.

Amella Amella greets the pair as they return. “What ye find out?”

Katrina “Plant monsters.”

Heinrick “And a book.”

Katrina “That Heinrick had to wrestle the plant monsters over.”

Amella Amella scowls. “Is it a magic book? Can it get us out o’ here?”

Katrina “Journal from the ship. Maybe the captain’s log. I doubt it can get us out itself, but it might give us an idea of where the other group failed, and give us somewhere to proceed ourselves. I take it by the comment the cutting and burning isn’t working out?”

Amella “Th’ boys are making no more than a few feet o’ progress an hour, n’ the blades are dullin’ ‘gainst th’ weed. It’s like th’ damn stuff’s growin’ back even as we cut away at ’er.”

Heinrick “I’ll get down there and help with it, then. A magic sword should have a better chance at resisting it.”

Katrina “Might be best to save the blades. If the Rage is any indication there’ll be a better use for them before long. And I thought your magic sword got broken?”

Heinrick “Ah. This one’s so sharp, I forget it isn’t.”

Amella “Even Avner’s fancy blade ain’t doin’ too well, Heinrick. I’d just as soon as get them up
’ere afore the sun goes down.”

Heinrick “Hmm. His is made of the same stuff as this one.”

Katrina “I’ll be aboard looking into the journal somewhere quiet.”

Amella “All right, Nav. Make sure y’ let me know what y’ find out. Number Two, if y’ don’t mind, get everyone up on deck. I want t’ get everyone fed n’ rested fer tomorrow.”

Heinrick “Aye, Cap.” Heinrick heads back down onto the weed.

Katrina “But Captain, I’m a wizardess.”

Amella Amella gives Kat a blank stare. “Yer point, Nav?”

Katrina “It’s against union rules for a wizard or wizardess to share information,” she jokes as she sets to climbing a rope onto the ship.

Amella Amella’s only response is a baleful stare.

Katrina Kat laughs as she climbs aboard the Sea Wyvern, heads below, and cracks the journal, hoping it wasn’t too badly damaged by the water.

The Journal

As Kat reads through the journal, the parts that weren’t water logged, she finds the journal chronicles the tale of a monk named Anhelm and his journey along the southern coast of the Amedio to visit the natives of the Isle of Zxuxal. The document tells of a fierce storm that drove the Rage far out to sea, but it is the entries on the last few pages that are of the greatest interest.

Anhelm's final words photo LetterfromtheLostDays.jpg

Katrina Kat returns to the deck not long after, looking for Amella and Heinrick.

DM In the intervening hour, Heinrick has gathered the passengers and crew back to the ship.

Heinrick Heinrick has just finished herding everyone back onto the deck, and is trying to stay as far from Avner as possible.

DM Damri has dinner cooking, and everyone is eating. A uncharacteristic silence has fallen over the normally boisterous group.

Katrina Kat approaches Amella. “I’ve finished with the meaningful portions of the journal, Captain.” She leans closer and lowers her voice. “It might be better to discuss the information privately with the senior crew members.”

Amella Amella nods. “Skald, make sure everyone’s fed and in th’ racks early. Number One n’ Two, see me in my quarters in five. You too, Nav.”

Katrina “And to post a watch,” she mutters.

Heinrick Heinrick nods. “Skald, good luck dealing with Meravanchi; I’d do it, but I don’t think either me or Kat could speak to him right now without violence.”

Skald Skald just shrugs enigmatically. “I don’t think I’ll be having too much trouble out of him.”

Heinrick “Oh? Too tired to be his usual bitchy self?”

Skald Skald chuckles. “If he’s lucky.”

Heinrick “Heh. Pissed everyone else off that bad, did he? With any luck, it’ll take him down a peg or two, seeing that I’m not the only one who won’t lick his boots.”

Skald Skald raises his eyebrow. “I’ve got a way with assholes, Heinrick. Worked around them my whole life. Trust me on this one… you’re better off not knowing. Plausible deniability and all that.”

Heinrick “I’ll take your word for it, my friend. Get ’em in bed, and get some rest.”

Skald Skald nods and moves off.

Heinrick Heinrick goes to the meeting in Amella’s cabin.

Katrina Kat lingers on the deck for a moment, putting together a quick meal for herself from the leftovers. She then heads for the cabin. As the others enter and close the door Kat begins, “I’ve gone through the journal of the Rage. It’s not good. The majority of isn’t particularly meaningful – it talks about a storm that drove the ship out to sea – but the last few pages tell the story of the crew and passengers once they were stranded in the Sargasso.”

“Their attempts to cut through the weeds were as ineffective as our own, but that wasn’t the true horror they faced. Once night fell – not the first night but the second – they started suffering attacks by whatever monsters inhabit this muck. Eventually some decided to set off to explore the muck. They had to turn back before long, but found when they did the ship was overrun and the crew was missing.”

“That night they found out what happened to the crew. Whatever stalks this land apparently uses human beings as almost host bodies. All but one of the explorers also met their end. The journal ends with the note that destroying the black heart of this land – the so called mother of these horrors – would destroy the brood.”

“It also notes interesting what I can only assume is the heart of the land – an area where the terrain changes and becomes a virtual forest.”

Amella Amella nods. “Aye, tha’s th’ tale, anyways. We kin hope it’s got a grain o’ truth t’ it.” She looks at the three solemnly. “I think th’ three o’ ye are goin’ t’ have t’ find th’ heart. One o’ us has t’ stay wit’ th’ ship. I’d go m’self, but les’ be truthful, I ain’t as much use in a fight as th’ three o’ ye.”

Heinrick Heinrick nods. “And you’re better at keeping the crew under control, Cap. We should set out first thing in the morning, and keep a full watch tonight.”

Amella “Y’ ought t’ start out at first light tomorrow… make sure y’ turn back wi’ enough time t’ make it back afore nightfall. I don’t want y’ out there in th’ dark.”

Heinrick “No more than I want to be out. But, if we can’t reach the heart in half a day’s walk…”

Katrina “About that, Captain. The monk who wrote the journal left to explore in the afternoon and didn’t reach the near heart until the next afternoon. My suggestion would be to leave at dawn, but even if we do and if we travel light, we still won’t reach the center of this hell until after dark.”

Amella Amella purses her lips. “I don’t like th’ thought o’ it. Ye explore out as far as ye can in half a day’s march first, when we ‘ave some idea which way is center, ye’ can go all th’ way.”

Heinrick “I don’t suppose either of you have any magic that could speed the trip?”

Katrina “Not enough to make a difference.”

Mari Mari shakes her head in agreement with Kat. “Sorry, Heiny.”

Katrina “My suggestion would be to leave at dawn and travel as far as we can, hoping to find another wreck where we can hold up for the night. Going out and turning back just sticks us here another night. Either way, it’s going to be a multi-day trip.”

Amella “Yes, Nav, it does stick you here another night. Tha’s purposeful.”

Heinrick “That says something kind of scary about how smart this ‘mother’ might be, Captain.”

Katrina “Perhaps I wasn’t clear – the other ship – apparently with a full passenger complement of monks – was overrun in three nights. The longer we spend on this, the worse our odds are.”

Amella “You were plenty clear, Nav. ‘N what chance do y’ think this ship ’as with mighty Avner as our guardian angel?”

Katrina “Either way, the ship is going to be deprived of us for a night.”

Amella “Better a single night than two o’ more as y’ stumble around lost on this ocean blight.”

Katrina “I’d sooner do it without subjecting us to another night of wearing us down. If I don’t get a full night’s sleep I can’t replenish my spells.”

Heinrick “If we can get to the heart and destroy it before the third night, it shouldn’t matter.”

Amella “What makes y’ think tha’, Heinrick?”

Heinrick “One night stuck while we rest; another while we move. If we can kill the heart the day after that, you won’t have to worry about the third night, which is when the Rage was overrun. We will need Kat and Mari’s magic both at full strength for the trip, though. And I don’t want to be a baby about it, but I could use eight hours myself. Those vines did a number on me, and I’ve still got open wounds from the fight with the Widowmaker.”

Amella Amella blinks. “What makes y’ think tha’ a ship stocked with monks is somehow th’ standard t’ measure ‘ow long a ship can hold out fer? They had monks, we ’ave Blumpkin n’ Avner th’ Mighty. Maybe wi’ th’ three o’ ye we could stand a chance.”

Heinrick “Not all monks are as tough as Quintal, I don’t think. I think you can hold off a night without us.”

Katrina “Cap’n, no matter how we do it the ship will be deprived the three of us a night.”

Amella “Kat, I ain’t convinced o’ tha’ at’tal. This man might o’ stumbled around aimlessly like a damn fool, jus’ like yer tryin’ t’ do. Maybe if’n he were bein more purposeful, he’d a made it in a day ‘n not returned t’ a dead ship. How far kin ye hike in an hour? Three miles? Five?”

Heinrick “But, we don’t know exactly where the heart is either, Cap.”

Amella Amella sighs. “Tha’s why I’m tellin’ ye to make shorter trips til ye’ve got a better idea o’ th’ layout.”

Heinrick “And if we can’t find it anywhere in a half-day’s walk, Cap?”

Katrina “Maybe three miles in two hours – so about twelve miles a day. Six miles in any direction before turning back. In this muck, that is.”

Amella Amella scowls. “I’ll think about it t’night. Get t’ bed wit’ ye, so ye kin rest up fer tomorrow.”

Katrina “Ultimately it’s your call, Captain. You want us to come back, we’ll come back. We need to post a strong watch for the night. I’d suggest Jerard and Quintal.”

Amella “Quintal is unconscious, Nav. Jerard n’ Lirith are on duty, under Mari… I’m goin’ t’ put
Skald in ’er place so she can rest up fer yer journey.”

Katrina “All right. I’m going to crash then, early morning tomorrow and all.”

Mari Mari grins. “Want to sleep in my bed, Kat?”

Heinrick “Yeah, I’ll be turning in too. Mari, if you have any healing left, I could probably use it
now, so you’ll be full up tomorrow.”

Mari “What about you, Kat? You both need some?”

Katrina Kat rocks her head from side to side for a moment at Mari’s first question, trying to decide if she’d rather share a bed or put up with Avner, before answering, “Sure. And I’m a little beat up. They didn’t nearly strangle me like Heinrick, but the damn things packed one hell of a punch and I did crack my head on the floor when it dragged me off my feet. I could swear I heard his ribs crack.”

Heinrick “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Mari Mari grasps her holy symbol and concentrates. Momentarily, the familiar cool mist washes over the two adventurers. (16 healing) She focuses again and the mist intensifies. (31 healing) “How you feel now?”

Heinrick “Aahhhh… way better. Thanks, Mari. I should be good to go in the morning.”

Mari Mari grins devilishly. “So should I.”

Heinrick “Try to let Kat get a little bit of sleep,” he says with the same expression.

Katrina Kat scowls.

Amella Amella scowls as well. “If yer quite done, get yer asses out o’ my quarters n’ t’ bed.”

Heinrick “Aye aye.” Heinrick nods to the three women, and heads for his cabin.

Katrina Kat follows Heinrick out.

Mari Mari brings up the rear after a saucy salute to Amella.

Katrina “Keep an eye out. Things could get rough tonight,” Kat says to Lirith as she heads below.

DM The sun is setting as you leave the captain’s quarters. Shapes stir in the distant green, as the last light of day fades and the mist rises once again, horrors begin to rise from the weeds.

Mari “What the hell?” Mari mutters.

DM The fog cuts at your vision, but you can see seaweed creatures shuffling towards you. They whisper to you, calling over and over again. “Outsiders…outsiders…outsiders…”

The Children of the Mother

Children of the Mother photo ChildrenoftheMother.jpg

Katrina “Nine Hells…” Kat curses as she comes to a stop.

Heinrick “Captain? That thing I said about being okay for a night? I may need to take that back.”

Amella “What’s tha’, Number Two?” Amella calls from her cabin.

Katrina Kat responds – as she usually does when armies of seaweed monsters attack – with a fireball into their midst. It roars in the night, answering Amella’s question.

DM The flames roar over the horrors, causing them to shriek, but their advance is unhalted.

Horrors “Outsiders…..”

Skald Skald fires two arrows at one of the monsters not caught in the fireball.

Mari Mari glares at the monsters shambling out of the fireball and hums a low note. Bolts of lightning crash down, blowing two of the monsters into cinders.

Horrors The horrors shamble towards the ship, undaunted. In response to their movement, the sargasso begins to come alive. Some of the vines begin to creep towards the ship. Two of the horrors begin to try and climb the ship walls.

Heinrick & Lirith Heinrick and Lirith each dig out a potion and gulp it down.

Jerard Jerard draws his bow, and fires an arrow at the one Skald already shot.

Katrina Kat lobs another fireball into the masses.

DM The explosion rocks through the creatures, sending more of them crumbling to dust and ash.

Skald Skald fires two more arrows into his target.

DM The arrows strike, but fail to do any noticeable harm to the creature.

Amella “Ay, what’s this? Give ’em hell, boys!” Amella screams as she rushes out of her cabin, cutlass brandished.

Amella Mari’s eyes are glazed over, crackling with power as she continues to hum. Two more bolts of electricity blast the two climbing creatures into dust.

Katrina “That’s new.”

Mari Mari turns her head and winks one of her crackling eyes, sending sparks flying across the deck.

Horrors Some of the creatures manage to scale the deck, lashing out at the crew fighting bravely. Lirith is struck (6 damage), as is Skald. (9 damage) Mari and Heinrick manage to defend themselves, but one sneaking up behind Kat lands a solid blow on the mage. (7 damage) The non-climbing creatures seem to… disappear into the ship itself. Moments later screams are heard below deck.

Lirith Lirith waits for an opening, as Heinrick hacks away at the nearest creature…

DM His blow sends the creature flying off the deck, its body coming apart as it arcs over onto the sargasso.

Heinrick He then follows through with a killing cut to the creature hounding Katrina.

Jerard Jerard maneuvers down slightly, letting go of his bow and drawing his sword as he moves. He strikes at the plant creature now between him and Lirith, giving her the opening she needed.

DM His attack bites deep into the creature, even as hers sticks in the creature’s arm without noticeably harming it.

Katrina Kat rushes through a haste spell while trying to keep away from the plant monsters’ swinging limbs. She gets through the spell, steps so her back is to Mari’s, and draws her blade.

Skald Skald drops his bow and draws his blade, swinging at the vine horror before him twice.

DM His flurry of attacks sends a spray of black blood across the deck.

Amella Amella calls more encouragement to the crew and moves to menace the closest vine horror.

Mari Mari slashes at the creature before her, her cutlass causing the plant creature to shrivel and wilt as the magical blade consumes the water within the horror.

DM More screams come from below, as well as shouts. From the forecastle, where the pirate prisoners are being kept, come truly terrible shrieks of pain and agony.

Heinrick “Someone get below decks! They’re being slaughtered!”

Horrors Lirith is pounded viciously by the creatures surrounding her. Her jaw shatters under the assault. Mari is slugged across the face by the creature threatening her as well. It moans. “Outsiders…..”

Lirith Lirith falls beneath their stinking fists.

Heinrick Heinrick moves towards her, and cuts at the vine that brought her down.

DM As the monster collapses under his assault, the crawling seaweed off the side of the ship collapses lifeless.

Jerard Jerard keeps up his attack on the one he and Lirith were fighting.

DM His first attacks fail to penetrate the creature’s pulpy flesh, but finally, his blade bites feebly into the creature’s shoulder.

Katrina Kat slips around Amella and stabs at the vine horror attacking Mari.

DM The vines clinging to the side of the ship lash out at Kat as she moves. (13 damage)

Katrina “Mari, Lirith!” Kat calls out as she engages the horror.

Skald Skald swings twice more at the vine horror before him.

DM Skald’s flurry of attacks, aided by magic, cut into the horror, chipping away at it.

Mari “What?” Mari turns her head to see the unconscious woman warrior and curses.

Aemlla Amella calls out more support and like Kat stabs at the vine horror attacking Mari.

DM Amella’s rapier pokes into the seaweed creature, causing it to twitch slightly.

Mari Mari lunges away from it, tucking into a roll that carries her past the massive coil of sea weed climbing up the deck. Clutching her holy symbol, she calls out to Besmara, the healing mist washing over the party. (14 healing)

Horrors Two of the horrors lash at Skald, who manages to fight them off easily. The third turns its head to look at Heinrick. If the warrior didn’t know any better, he would swear the creature grinned maliciously. It brings its fists down on Lirith’s prone body mercilessly. (12 damage)

Lirith Lirith regains consciousness just in time to feel the full pain of their attacks, and sink back into darkness.

Horrors “Outsiders…….” The massive weed creature clambers all the way onto the deck, lashing out at Amella, and missing the captain. The final creature pounds Katrina and Amella with its fists. (9 damage Kat, 10 damage Amella)

Heinrick Heinrick moves to stand protectively over Lirith’s fallen form, and swings his sword in a wide arc, slashing at all three creatures nearby.

DM While the fog keeps the warrior from striking his second target, the other two are disintegrated as the adamantine dragon blade cleaves through them.

Jerard Jerard attacks the one Heinrick missed.

DM And surprisingly manages to drive it back fiercely, hacking at it like he was cutting down a tree.

Katrina Kat rolls behind the vine horror and stabs at it.

DM Her roll is interrupted by a vicious attack (10 damage), and her attack is interrupted by her own ineptitude.

Amella Amella takes advantage of the opening provided by it’s attack on Kat to swing twice.

DM Amella’s backstab buries itself in the creature’s body and she tears it free, causing the creature to collapse as she does so. The second vine creature collapses as Amella kills the force animating it.

Skald Skald tries to take advantage of Jerards’s flanking.

DM Skald’s attack drives the creature backwards, with no place to go.

Mari Mari’s eyes flash and another bolt of lightning blasts the creature to dust. She goes to her knees and lays hands on Lirith, restoring the woman to consciousness. (25 healing) “Besmara’s puckered butthole, how many of these things are there?”

Katrina Kat barely stops to recover her breath after the vicious blow to the ribs a moment before. She gasps out, “Below decks.”

Horrors Even as Mari turns to go down the stairs, more moans come from the mist. “Outsiders……”

Heinrick As she does, Heinrick squeezes past her, and drops onto the stairs leading below.

Selene Selene appears at the stairs. “First Mate, come quickly… Alandra’s been injured.”

Heinrick Heinrick doesn’t bother asking her who else is hurt, knowing she wouldn’t even have bothered thinking of the humans. He just runs past her.

Katrina “Oh come on,” Kat mutters, looking out at the other vine horrors approaching.

Mari Mari follows Heinrick.

Avner The two of them find three crushed vine horrors and an angry Avner with his sword out, dripping in black blood. “Nice to see you could make it,” the noble snarls bitterly.

Horrors Meanwhile, the horrors outside shuffle towards the ship.

Mari “No time, who’s hurt?” Mari snaps.

Heinrick “Good work, Avner. These the only three down here? I was expecting a dozen or so, like above decks. And the rest on their way.”

DM While all of the passengers bear bruises, Alandra is the worst for the wear. She’s bleeding badly and unconscious. Damri leans over her worriedly.

Heinrick Heinrick flourishes his sword, slinging a bit of the blood onto Avner as he rushes back up to meet the approaching enemy.

Horrors Up on the deck, three horrors shuffle towards the ship.

Katrina Kat lobs a bolt of acid toward the nearest horror.

Amella Amella draws a pistol and takes aim at the same monster.

DM Even as Amella’s pistol and Kat’s acid blast the approaching horror, the screams from the forecastle cut off suddenly. Vines appear along the door and two horrors emerge through.

Horrors The horrors on the ship attack. One cannot help but notice the blood, not black but red, dripping off of their fists. While Lirith manages to avoid their attacks, Jerard is not as lucky. One grabs his ankles and drags him down off the forecastle, banging his head savagely on the way down. (18 damage) Meanwhile, the horrors approaching reach the ship. Two begin to climb, while the other merges into the ship’s wall.

Heinrick “Mari! Incoming!” Heinrick shouts a warning down the stairs, while rushing to meet the ones that attacked Jerard and Lirith.

Mari “Damn it, they’re coming through the walls down here too!”

DM Mari’s response is cut off by a flurry of cursing. The sound of flesh being struck, hard, reaches the half-elf’s keen ears.

Jerard Jerard regains his feet, and strikes back.

Heinrick Heinrick bats his first foe against the wall with his blade, barreling into its twin.

Jerard Jerard’s hollow swings blindly in the fog, nearly taking Heinrick’s head off.

Lirith Lirith darts back from the horrors.

DM And so the battle raged for hours. The Sea Wyvern’s crew fought bravely, but the children of the sargasso kept coming relentlessly. Finally, the sun rose across the sky, burning away the hateful fog and causing the horrors to collapse back into the sargasso that had spawned them. What does fate have in store for our brave adventurers, True Believers? Will they reach the dark heart of Journey’s End? Or will this be their end like it has been for so many? Find out next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!



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